Anthony Scaramucci bragged about the first time he took 'a huge s---' in the White House, according to Sarah Sanders' new book


Is part of Sanders. Upcoming Book and Axios, Jonathan Swan, big name and political reporting. Axios got an excerpt from Sarah Sanders book and tweeted it out. And this is it while we were in the staff vans and route to the jamboree. This is a Boy Scout jamboree that Trump spoke out. Remember? While we were in the staff vans and round to the jamboree, Mooch announced. I'm proud to report I crossed a major item off my bucket list today. I assumed that he would say something like riding on Air Force One, but instead much said that he had taken Aah! Huge Blank. In the West Wing. The rest of us in the van. Sat there speechless as the what was that? Yeah, I guess I could use a sound effect. Yeah, yeah. Or you know Yeah, there it is of they sat there speechless. As the mooch proudly told us. They didn't immediately call this son afterward to share the big news. That's gross. That's flat out. That's pretty disgusting. So to West Wing and White House toilet stories now within just a couple of weeks,

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