What is Schizoid Personality Disorder?


Practicing psychotherapy for over forty years and is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders. She's the author of the Book Borderline Non Cystic schizoid adaptions the pursuit of love admiration and safety eleanor welcome to the show. Thank you. I'm so happy to be here to introduce the audience today this void Chris Analogy other. Well, we are very happy to have you and I know that we're here to talk schizoid personality disorder but let's back up for a moment and discuss personality disorders in general what exactly is a personality disorder? Well, it can be defined in different ways. The women will guesses to think about how created small children want police their parents if her small child with a particular temperament in your born into a family, you creatively adapt to what your family wants to if you can, and that maximize out of love and support you get. Some of these adaptations become habits that caring adulthood while they worked in your family. They're not gonNA work very well for you as an adult they're a long standing there intertwined your basic personality because they started usually before the age four when personalities are forming, you automatically do them in the same way you oughta medically might use a four or chopsticks without much thought your your fallback response we know that that's what a personality disorder is. But what does a schizoid personality disorder this? Is Very interesting personality disorder because about how the people who have it they find a way to adapt to it that doesn't disturb anybody and they go about their business they're very functional on the outside so they don't get any publicity because they're not causing trouble, but they're trouble waiting to happen and you would never guess that anybody was suffering way they are on the insights about the behaviors are more than just acquiescence to normal schools that they're beginning to be authentic right BEC-. Out of Sierra you said that they're not really causing any trouble, but there's major problems with it. Can you kinda define that a little because I think maybe the average audience member hearing there's no trouble would think what are we doing here? Yeah. The trouble is inside most of my schizoid clients tell me pretty much some version of of the same history they were intruded upon. They were treated as tools to be used. They didn't feel that they had any rights as human beings. Sometimes, they were told this they the parents said I paid for it's mine I do what I want, and then they throw out their favorite doll. The child learns to adapt to that but they adapt by thinking I. AM worthless. The only person who cares for me as me the adults are negligent at best they might be abusive but I mean by abusive is one man told me a story that broke my heart. He was talking in therapy about his favorite blanket as a child us. Really attached to it and I asked where it was today doesn't still exist. He says in my old closet in my parent's home on a shelf and I said, why don't you just ask for it go get it and he says, Oh, I, could never do that. He says if my parents knew I, cared about it, it would throw it out. So it sounds like these are created out of a necessity to protect oneself a desire to make it to adulthood to survive at. It almost sounds like a survival instinct. You're absolutely right. It's the primary issue of individuals who've made schizoid adaptations. Childhood is personal safety. When they're close to people, they don't feel safe letting you have one or two people in their life. They generally choose to live along they often don't marry if they do marry its very special kind of marriage and some likely to work unless they marry another schizoid and they're equally able to adjust to each other. It creates a lot of difficulties on let's dive into it. What are the main symptoms of schizoid personality disorder? The major one is disassociation from your body from your life from yourself you live in your head. The body is treated like a tool because in many ways you were treated like a tool, what do I mean by a tool one? I see like my parents only pay any attention when they have it use to me I'm like the vacuum cleaner they take me out of the closet and then they expect me to go back in and be quiet when they're Houston the is over. So one of the major issues is how to reconnect them with their head and their heart and their body. In a disassociated state, the person can function at work appears normal to other people. But inside they tell me, they feel like a robot like they're not really there. Another thing is social phobia social anxieties the fear of being in groups the fear of being close to other people physically my skill clients when they give them a choice in first session where to sit. They choose one of two places either as far for me as possible or as close to the exit doors possible one man I asked him where would you like to sit and I'm talking about voyeur very well spoken very interesting person and he gave me a funny look. He sounds to really WanNa know where I'd like to sit I, said, yeah I said. In the hallway as far from you as possible just like that just stable to just look you in the eyes and say I want to be as far away from the person I've asked to help me as possible. That's right and he was very honest as I say some people can't put things into words very well, but my clients are usually fairly high functioning. And I'll tell you something interesting before the Internet, I'm doing this a long time the only people who came in with the correct diagnosis for themselves that they had found or my schizoid clients because they could intellectually distance themselves from any feelings about the diagnosis and just do a research search and I often learned a lot because they would recommend books to me that describe them and I hadn't at the time I started doing work with people with that in trained particularly in that diagnosis. So let's talk about these. They prescribed books pop culture where is this represented because up until? Meeting you I'd never even heard of since personality disorder. So are there famous movies? Television shows books where this is represented? There are, but they don't tell you specifically skips on the gives schizoid movie that I remember seeing very clearly was woody Allen's movies Zelic have you ever seen it? I have not and it's Zelic. Changes physically personality wise with each experience but one more people will have seen as up in the air. George. Clooney have you ever seen that? That what I have seen. That is at classical high functioning schizoid adaptation were watching and George Clooney has. One of the compromises that is what people make it more to have contact with people, but to be safe and to maintain their autonomy to be self-reliant, adopt the still trapped by anybody else to used. is they have partial relationships with people send in the movie up in the air his job is to go around the country firing people. And the only people he's really close to other people who work in the airports because he goes through them regularly There's one woman who he forms a brief sexual relationship with he lives in entire life without any intimate relationships, but with enough contact to make him feel okay and then when he thinks about wanting a different kind of life won't been, he had had sexual relations with he doesn't bother to call her. He doesn't really understand the human relationships that are intimate. He doesn't contact her.

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