Director Lesli Linka Glatter Hopes Hollywood Doesn't Slip Backwards on Racial, Gender Equity Gains

The Frame


Welcome to our podcast. It's where we asked some of the entertainment industry's sharpest minds how Hollywood could and should reinvent itself when it saved for production to really get going again. The safety issue has been a real fun of mine concern for Director Leslie Linka. Probably, best known for her work on the Showtime Series Homeland her credits include Madman masters of sex and twin peaks. She's also part of a critical directors guild of America, committee along with other Hollywood, unions, the DJ is trying to come up with production safety guidelines. It's scary out there. Because of how cases have exploded in the last three weeks, so productions that were geared to go back now are reexamining. Reexamining everyone is struggling to find a way to get back. Everyone wants to get back to work all of us, but obviously we have to do that in a safe way. We've been talking on this podcast about how this might be a reset moment for Hollywood that it can take a hard look at itself, and maybe bring about some real and lasting change especially when it comes to equity and inclusion. But gladder worries. There's also a chance the town might go back to its old and worst practices now. What's going to happen when we open up? You know I hope there's not a backslide. I hope that all kinds of stories and all kinds of directors are being hired to tell stories.

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