Derek Black was groomed to be the new face of white nationalism. Now he's working against it.


Derek Black was supposed to be the new face of white nationalism. His Godfather is David Duke his father created the White Nationalist Website Storm Front, black himself used to host a radio show and run workshops, pushing a white nationalist message, and then in college he changed. Listen to Derrick talk about his journey out of hatred. How belief in white nationalist ideals are more widely held than you'd think and the danger of the trump presidency poses to our nation as he rides white nationalist coat-tails here at all right now. Derek Black, welcome to the podcast Hey Jonathan thanks for having me on so I didn't know anything about you. Until my colleague at the Post allies SAS low sent me an email saying I've just written this book. called rising out of hatred. It is about this guy named Derek, black who was basically. That, the era parent to to the throne, if you will of white nationalism who came through on the other side and I read, the book was fantastic. Did the PODCAST WITH WITH ELI? put it out into the world. And unbeknownst to me. You were. A, subscriber to this podcast, and just was on a walk, and you were listening and discovered. You were the subject of conversation. That's exactly my experience. I was still living in Chicago, that point and I was doing my morning commute and your show came on, and it's it's that weird surreal experience where you you slowly realize that this is not just weirdly appropriately interesting, but actually it's just about you so. Specific, while what? What was fascinating about your story? Is How well one you know your story is. You know. In some ways, quintessentially American in you know white supremacy and white nationalism is woven into the DNA of America and hearing your story in the time of trump. Made it even more salient? Why did you participate with with Eli to do the book that he did? And then we'll get into present day stuff, right? Part of it was personal relationship. ilize that amazing writer and his real skill is in telling complicated stories and I. I feel like my story doesn't make sense without all the context of that I not proud of IT I. don't look back and try to. ask for any kind of praise from it in fact, I'm still quite embarrassed than like filled with a lot of shame. That I spent twenty years of my life, really committed to white nationalism, and so if if there was anything good, that was gonNA. Come out of it was gonna be in telling the stories of everybody around at that time all the people who who who were affected by my family's activism, all the people who still be engaged me whether that was in protesting the fact that I was on campus or whether it was. Was In my quiet conversations where they would dismantle all the evidence that I thought my ideology was supported by in all of that together felt like the the important part of it, so if I was going to wrestle with it it just it needed to be in the hands of someone and in a format that could really encompass all that Andy. Lie is such a fantastic storyteller of that. He was the perfect person to tell your story so now that we are a couple of minutes into this conversation and people are probably still wondering. Who is this Derek Black Guy who are you or who were you? I was born into one of the leading families of the White Nationalist Movement that my father founded the first white supremacist website online before the worldwide web even came online by his his closest friend, growing up was David Duke they come together doing white nationalist activism in the nineteen sixties and seventies They had run the clan together. They had quit the clan and gone into. Into politics together they had done all of that for decades by the time I was born, and I spent the first decades of my life, growing up with all these leaders of this movement that they had built coming over to the house or traveling around the country to meet people who had fought against the civil rights movement in the nineteen fifties who are now elderly men. Men sitting around the table, talking about how they were so worried about the direction of the country and I wasn't just a bystander. I got deeply involved at ran for Republican local county office in two thousand eight and been won that election, and became a national story in my own right, and all of that was up until I went to a small liberal Arts College and And had a year experience there being the most controversial thing on campus, because it was a a social justice oriented community that was now trying to wrestle with the fact that explicit premesis was living on their campus, and after many years there, my my experience was wrestling with how my ideology was was harming. People out was factually wrong how it was How is just in? It was not able to be something that I could continue committing to that I that I could be feel good about myself, and so publicly condemned in two thousand thirteen, and have spent the years then since then just trying to figure out what is my. What is my role in? What is my responsibility now?

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