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Everybody. This is Dr Grant from the Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd initiated Dr Floyd from the Radio Adventures of Roy, did you have a good vacation Dr Floyd is your did you I certainly did it was a great time? Did you check for takes? But we just went to six flags over super soggy sugar. Lake, we stayed in a hotel the whole time. Well, that's true. Checker bedbugs to then. All Right Hey, look our voicemail machine is full of messages. Jerry's Dr Grant. You know everybody must have called us at eight, one, eight, three, three, two, three, zero, five, three, you obvious that I was reading that yeah. Here's our first voicemail. Okay. Hi Dr. Floyd Mornings Elche and. I'm ten years old and. I was wondering and one of the episodes. For Him Christie and. Ensign. Temporary got married. But in another episode you guys said that basically there was no big. Time. Bay Street. Now, I was wondering wouldn't diversity And also is another question that I have. How in the world did Dr Steve. Needs, fidget. Thanks bye they tell the show that's pretty smart of you to figure out that day thing you know I didn't realize you wouldn't a date for their wedding. Oh Yeah. Temporary. Did that on purpose? Really Yeah. That way he won't get in trouble if he ever forget their wedding anniversary Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. But don't tell flight attendant Christie doesn't know. Oh, well, don't worry I won't. Okay. Well, you know the next part of the WHO are you text messaging nobody just continue all right well, the next part of the. Getting here right now. You didn't just text message that a flight attendant Christie did you Dr Floyd what? No I wouldn't do that. All right. Well, the next part of the voicemail asked how did Dr Steven Fidget me do you Dr Floyd. Actually Dr Steve went to sidekick matchup dot com. What is sidekick matchup dot com. Oh boy just great website you can go to if you need a new sidekick. You've never been there have you Dr Floyd. Oh. Of course not I wouldn't go there but you said it was a great website. Yeah I. Imagine it would be if you needed a new side gate, let's say you know your current shade cake is getting on your nerves talking about your small head end Not Minding his own business example. All right. Well, here's our next voicemail. You sure you haven't been there no, no hypothetically had. Good calling how much I love your show and? Really need I think that you should catch him? Come away for good because. He. Very. needs to be locked up into. Okay. Thanks Levy show again. Yeah. You'RE RIGHT JESSICA DR Steve Really is a bad person and if we could catch him, we would put him in jail attis very slippery character. He's always trying to weasel way out of getting caught on not only that he rarely takes a bath so he's literally very slippery. That's true. All right. Well, here's an next voicemail, floyd, this is Taylor and. Schuyler. and. We want to ask you a question. I don't know you ask a question Okay, Well we love your shows. Well, it's not only a question about be listening to your show and we were wondering when you're GonNa, make like more shows and like I let I especially like the videos they're awesome listening to them all during class because we're allowed to. But yeah. It's awesome Canada and I'm fourteen and my sister which twins. Yeah. Awesome. By there was a very nice call. What do you think Dr Floyd the only way to describe that call was awesome. Yeah, also. Yeah. Oh Oh Ta Um Okay here's the next call to fly how come your head is so small and you know so much by. Okay well, I'm GonNa Answer the second part of that question I. Now, the reason I know so much is because I went to school and I studied very hard.

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