PPP Loans Help Nearly 200 Philadelphia Businesses


Philadelphia businesses would get a crack at cash from the payroll protection program. Says it helped about 200 of those businesses, awarding a total of more than $7 million. Notably City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe has the story. Dr. Santa Coriolis tried to get a P P P loan from two different large banks last spring when no one was coming to his cardiology practice, and it looked like you might have to lay off his six employees. He got nowhere. Then he heard about Linda Stry was almost like a breath of questions. I'll tell you, I was able to very quickly put my education. I was getting very clear. Frequent communications I felt included in the process industry is a community development. Financial institution CEO Everett San says its mission was to support businesses that for various reasons, big banks, including its partner, Goldman Sachs, wouldn't lend. Tio got Nell Stallone's Who got barbers We've got But restaurants we've got doctors, lawyers, accountants going to make sure their team members don't leave tryingto make sure they have enough money to make it through. It was a tiny fraction of the total lending but to customers like Dr Corey Alice met everything to me. Pat Lowe became Y. W NewsRadio, House Democrats will investigate whether the

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