LeBron James Has Another Block Party Against Rockets


Breaking news, this morning scale, and it is good news especially if you're a Houston Rockets Fan. Robert Covington had that's scary fall last night where he was pushed by cow cruised into the hip of Anthony Davis. He was bleeding from his mouth. He was down on the court. The good news scall- is he he's not in the concussion protocol obviously I imagine he's a bit sore this morning, but it looks like he'll be ready to for game four tomorrow night. Yeah. I'm actually really looking forward to game four because Houston Rockets do some things well, Russell Westbrook finding his rhythm attacking the basket I. We said this on the mini pod. I think the. Houston Rockets should be a little optimistic about this. If we all understand that if Lebron's plays like this or even Bronco plays like this liquors are going to be tough to be s for anybody that's the that's including the clippers including Miami or Boston or Toronto whoever that is vintage Lebron. The question is, can he sustain that and it's his age that's going to be tough but the Houston Rockets they found some things they got to figure out their defense but offensively, I think they have a magic formula that could beat the Lakers if they make some shots and move the ball better. I think. So as well the Lakers won the game last night behind a classic Lebron James Performance Lebron had thirty six points, seven rebounds, five assists. He also had four blocks Gal and that's the amazing thing to me. It's not that he's big. He's strong. He's smart. We know that you know you WanNa iron people who just blow up Lebron for any little thing he does on what scale to me in your. Seventeen at thirty five years old with as many games as he's played the athleticism that he still has that lobby last night from Alex, Caruso with a one-handed dunks look to me like he was well above the square on that, and then the timing on the chase down walks that is certainly impressive and it's also certainly unique for a guy in his mid thirties who's played as many minutes as Lebron James says. Yeah, and typically. Data old you all the answers you've seen every defense you're not overwhelmed by anything. Your body is sort of started to give out I I'm not. He's not where he was when he was in Miami way back wind there's a lot of miles on that, but he his his ten percent drop off or whatever you WANNA call it fifteen percent drop off is. You you can't see it because the other stuff that he does he still has the great passing game is came lot easier to him now than it did before I think he could conserve his energy a whole lot better than he did back in the day. I, don't think he has to expend as much because he's a lot smarter on the floor and he. Relies on guys like Anthony Davis but I. I'm always impressed when the broncos into like old the Bron- mode. I just I. I kind of sometimes forget that he's able to do that and I know it always happens but I just use the seventeen years in your thirty five years old. You shouldn't be able to recover just one day in between and get out there and have that performance. So once again I think you know using father time as the thing that's most undefeated. Can he be great again in game four Kenny be great. Again in game five I don't know those answers, but whatever he's doing is absolutely working.

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