1 - 2020-21 Premier League Season Preview with Tim Howard - burst 02

The 2 Robbies


Get back to Tim's point roll like with colleagues in the in the energy levels that they play with. What are you? What's your take I mean? You can look at a couple of ways you know the restart was a ton of games in a short period of time. Not a massive breaking was doing again, look for the back and think while all these are three months. wretches, where are you on the Liverpool motivation energy that was going into the new season. Things on not. So agree I am less worried about I think bringing in the right person is more important than just bringing in some money I mean in Aqaba club I think young KLOPP's very, very schmaltz we see the goofiness clowning. But he's a small partitioning looks at detail throw throwing counts look at all the different elements city. So while I'm on with with with the press, I think. If, you don't change you post the now what you might do now it's changing system play slightly different. Why couldn't play with the dominant Minna we've seen come in Cook Cook Amino dropping donald go full diamond Jane. So the wide plays going outside

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