Gavin Eating a Sandwich with a Spoon? - #613


To receive podcast I'm Harry Gus. Gavin. I'm Blaine. Barbara. I got a text message from my sister earlier today I guess She hadn't seen a photo meawhile and she saw something I'd posted online. She said what is happening with your hair and I said six months ago haircuts that's pretty much happening within that'll do it. Docking target tweets like Gavin the hair no. It's like I'd love to go get heck. Yeah. Myself maybe I'll make a video out of it. Fuck it. Right something. You gotTa promise that. At least if you do something with it, you have to film. It Dude I'm odyssey just using this as a opportunity to grow like I've never had like Fabio hair and now is the chance. So I'm just GonNa like what does Kelly think of it? She hates Hit. Cut a constantly. I Dunno chic. Her she says quote this is not the boyfriend I signed up for. This is not the boyfriend you're looking for because she because before I had like. Know Longish medium ish length in just like short on the sides. And that just made me look older ish handsome and the now I just looked like a teenager going through my email phase or something I, don't know. This is the perfect time to see how you all would look with really long hair like why not just go the distance at this point and I mean honestly, it's just not worth going to still to me to go now. She said you're not the boyfriend she signed up for, but this is not the world. Any of US signed up for we're all in a world a world of Shit we didn't expect. So let's let's have fun while we can. So for the audience, I feel like I should. Make a quick note. pre-taped. It's holiday in the United States today. So we are not working today and this is pre-tape. This episode is pre taped. Two days after we did the last podcast. Like you guys. Nothing, has happened in my life in the last of less than forty eight hours. I mean, it's been four hours since we wrap our last podcast and here we are doing another one thing something has happened. Has. Happened what? It's not one hundred degrees outside today the new release. Beautiful. But it is hugh notice fuck. Yeah it is. It's. It's very. I don't understand humidity fully. What what what do you mean? Like You saying you'd rather have it be hot but not humid absolutely. One hundred percents. Trash he had dry. He is so much more tolerable. I'd rather have dry heat of one hundred degrees than women eighty-five. When you still sweat in a high dry heat. No. Because then it feels hot but the humidity is, what makes it feel just like it makes your body feel wet and sticky. Sticky sensation that's the worst it's like stifling. PODCAST. I'm not I'm not by any means saying that I enjoy Florida. But whenever I go to Disneyworld every time I've gone with a group of friends who've been like It's the best, but it's just like just can be sticky and you're gonna be wet because the humidity and I'm like. I like that I don't know I like being like sweaty like I. Don't know. Twenty. Played football growing up as a kid. So like we were just like in layers and layers and layers of pads in, we're just drenched in sweat all the time but to me, I correlate that with hard work. And determination. So you you're you feel like you have hard work when you take your trips to Disneyworld. Would I build up a good sweat that means I've been doing something active and I feel good about my. So if you just like sat inside all day hours playing a video game and go real sway would you be like hell? Yeah. No I feel awful outside and it's nice. It's sunny but I feel like a nice drizzle of sweat. And I get like a breeze come in and it hits that sweat. Just right. You'll get that in dry heat Barbara. y'All well to be fair I sweat in any temperature in any scenario because I'm very sweaty person I've talked about before I can relate. I actually. I don't know if I should be talking about this at this point but. I've been kind of public about I. Have a condition called Hyper hydrolysis. So like things like my hands just sweat all the time without any influence whatsoever it's just like there I have over. What glance essentially in different parts of my body including my hands. I started looking into surgery for it. At this, do do they like disconnect some sweat? They go in your hand and just cut them no they. There's a have to read more about it, but there's essentially a nerve. I think it's like somewhere under your arm like on your armpit. It's a nerve that they used to sniff or burn. To like essentially like disconnected but now there's a new process where they just clampitt. So it's technically reversible. Sweat the sect to me essentially, that's a good. The sweat. Sweating me I gotTa Poop on your parade just for a second if you'll allow me. Try to help. That's Bruce died he had an extra sweat gland or something he had the same condition the you do, and then he got a the thing from under his armpit and I think he got infected in. That's what killed him. Well, millions of people have had the surgery right now I think. It's also been advanced since. Since he passed away Barbara I think you and I both know someone who's had this done. If you WANNA, ask me off camera I can tell you who that is. You want to get their their opinion on it. That's cordless is like. Go. Ahead. Why I didn't realize it'd be related to enough is the nerve what's four or is the nerve just a means of? Fixing the faulty sweat gland. Honestly have no idea. The the downside though is This procedure then usually results in something called compensatory sweating, which means a different part of your body will start to sweat more often than it usually did. Thank or your legs. Cut another nerve and then you're fine now I don't think there's one for that but. Most people who've had it done have said like the extra sweating to get in a different area isn't anything compared to what it was like having your hands sweat profusely. The books so much about having overly sweat. You has the like the gripping things or is it just the annoyance of? Potentially, like not wanting to shake everyone's hand I mean, let me put it this way. It's literally affected every single aspect of my life and I don't think there's a way to really describe it unless you've experienced it like. I can't type on a keyboard without getting it wet and having away but I can't play video games that my finger slipping controllers meeting someone new and shaking their hand has always embarrassing high-fiving someone I didn't WanNa go into acting when I was in high school because I was scared I'd have to do a scene where I touch someone or hold someone's hand. It's like every single aspect of my life and every decision I've made thus far has been influenced by the fact that my hand sweat. Guardian back in two thousand, fifteen, she didn't go into the handshake she went in for this pump even though he was really nice and win for handshake. She said now I did do that. Tomorrow? Gone pretty well for you. Right. You've had a you've had a a good life so maybe have been the right decision. Yeah. Maybe you've been avoiding problems without knowing it. I do like that that. Mindset guys. That's a good point. person. Barbara. What if because I like humidity in sweating you gave your extra sweat glands. And then I can sweat extra I swear for the both of us I would have happily do that. I. I guess I have kind of the opposite in just my hands where my hands get uncomfortably hot but remain dry while I'm playing video games I would pay all the money I have for that like I'm not even kidding like sometimes in order to make it more comfortable for me to know hot dry hands I just have to like. Hold my own hand for a few minutes to over activate later to really get it, and then it starts to climb up slightly and then it's like it's better having hot dry hands is also quite annoying.

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