Philadelphia back on a stable track for new COVID-19 cases as Temple outbreak appears to ease


Health officials say a covert outbreak in Temple University appears to be getting under control. So they worry about other college campus is here in our city Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe has the update. Health Commissioner Tom Farley says the number of new cases a temple is going down, as is the percent of positive results from testing, he adds. There's no evidence the virus spread into the community around Temple, but campuses have turned out to be hot spots across the country. And doctor Farley is asking all the cities college is to do what they can to keep students socially. Distant social gatherings appear to be the greatest risk. We continue to hear about parties. They were reported to us by number of students where there's at least one suit who tested positive. So far, the case numbers have been low. Elsewhere, 68 cases at Penn and about 20 each at Drexel in ST Joe's. Overall, the city is back on a stable track with just over 100 new cases a day for the second week. And 90% compliance with mask use in a survey of retail stores. Doctor Farley says he hopes for no spikes associated with indoor dining and he'll be studying the governor's new guidance before deciding if endure. Dining. Khun B. Expanded Pat

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