Dr. Floyd's Dark And Stormy Night


Begins. On a dog and stormy night on a remote mountainside, legally no Japan beer is sixteen fifty. We are currently a couple of hundred yards from the back. The eager Inoke Castle for brilliant flashing light illuminates the countryside and they're and Dr. Greg two dimensional black time and space. The ramp slowly lows. Dr. Paul Figures strives to the bottom of this is evil mastermind Dr Steve Cold. Cool. Calculate surveys the surrounding terrain with an Eagle smirk turns and yells back up the ramp fidget I've going to need by Galoshes I don't WanNa get my piggies went. We here because I have just come up with the most brilliant plan ever Oh wait to get rid of duct Lloyd once and for all. Video what is the scariest thing you can think of? David Hasselhoff singing how dare you insult my favorite singer fidget? No I'm talking about subsidies. They are terrifying even just thinking about them gives me the willies. When now tell me this? who were the greatest fighters that history has ever seen? Hulk Hogan and Andre the giant. Lease be serious for a minute Ninjas. That's what I'm talking about fidget and that's why we're here in Japan. This territory was home to the Ninja I work hurriedly standing in the middle of an actual Ninja graveyard. What Get off my head calm down we've got work to. Go, get my combination reanimation and brain control device from the cargo. Tonight, we're going to defeat Dr. Lloyd with our very own army, of Ninja zombies. As relieved Dr Steven fidget to press with their sinister plans let's hope that our hero Dr Floyd his young protege Dr Grant and the faithful robot companion chips can provide us with a little sunshine in this darkest of dark episodes are you ready to go trick or treating chips? You? Like those big ears in the plastic teeth I'm just not sure where you're carrying around a big wooden club. Patrol. But what are you carrying around that laptop computer in your other hand? Oh that's fantastic. Very nice chips make people work to figure out what you are. Okay. Are you ready to grand almost Dr Foy give me one second here. Go we're never going to go trick or treating all the good candy will be gone. By the front door of, the lab. Timothy. You guys ready Yes for crying out. Loud Dr, grant chips and I are ready to see her Halloween costume we. There she already know what you're just come out and show US I just wanted to be perfect when you see it. Okay I come. To the. Waco Waco where am I shakes alive to grade you can't just pop out a chilling wearing 'cause humidity idiots looking what donation you're supposed to be anyway imagine scientist forgotten lab experiment no I finishing creature from the depths of the ocean come to walk the land looking for helpless victims. No, I'm ogre stocking the village for fair maidens spirit away back to your cave. No. Well, then what named Peter Jackson? Are you supposed to be you Dr Floyd? I have the lab coat the bow tie the small head everything. Oh. Well. Going Fine Lookin' costume there. Dr Grant. We go trick or treating no, let's go. What's wrong chips? Okamoto no chips. There's no reason to be afraid of Halloween. It's good fun. Daughter Stephen have made a time trump. Figures where did they jump to go Japan in? Sixteen. I guess puts the cable on the trick or treating. Let's go to the ship. Dash off to their time and space ship and mere moments. Later, they are standing in a seemingly empty feed behind the council on the same dark and stormy night or began this episode. Chips do skin and see if you can find Dr Steve. There is a sudden brilliant flashing lights followed by a deafening of Sun. There before our heroes stand Dr Steve and frigid both sporting bright yellow galoshes to keep their piggy strike. No need to search foamy floyd. I'm right here. What are you doing here Steve What are your plotting to steel nothing? Always plotting your demise Dr Lloyd and I'm happy to say that I've done it this time get whatever you and featured posed no threat to us. Perhaps we don't, but it's not us. You should be worried about. What should concern you is one hundred percent authentic army of. ZOMBIES. Another flash of lightning reveals that our heroes are now surrounded by an army of Ninjas Zombie. Active your main activities. Those deeds chewing command, the whole reanimated reprobates starts chuckling their way toward Dr floored. Dr Grant and chips is this the end to Dr Lloyd's? To Stop Dr, Steve Dr Steve's perilous plan b the frightful finale of our heroes, and just how does the bone chilling band of Ninjas zombies few being unceremoniously uprooted from their gruesome graves have to so many years the ground. Find out next time on the creepy adventures of Dr Floor.

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