August Fixes

Fix It 101


Org. How are you guys doing this morning? I'm much better now that I'm not. Blurry? You. Had It on some sort of beauty mode where where you or just glowing in radiant and the rest of everything behind you was blurred and. Unapproachable. Didn't even see that. Beauty Mode on yours Jeff. REDACT right. I don't even have my camera on broke now. Okay. So, let's talk real quick. What are you guys working on Javer you in your truck? My truck I mean in the mid level hundred and twenty eight acres why Mattis County were building a modern form style We're having a meeting right now with the trim carpenters and the homeowner. Talking about what our cabinets you're gonNA look like bricker. We'll finish up today or tomorrow and Just a beautiful setting out here on top of the hill. That's fantastic. Okay. So tell us about the houses you've been under. Pam. Well. I I wanted to tell Jeff I dr pepper. This weekend. Nice what? About that, what did you say you Dr Pepper Your Grill? Yeah. Because Jeff said that that's what he used to clean his grill. So I I was. Rule in this weekend I thought we'll try that. So I picked up a leader of Dr Pepper and. took. A. Garbage can LID and turned it upside down and set my great down in it. Pour that Dr Pepper over it. I'm GonNa take something. For drinking another Dr Pepper. It, really clean it. It did it just it fizzed all that runoff. It was awesome. You if you want to boil the oil out of your driveway, put some Dr Pepper on it. a couple of months ago I had the old changed my truck and the godless all can underneath the truck and I get home and I thought I was leaking oil. So I'm going to put the Dr Pepper all night. While I can't believe that Dr Pepper has become a thorough cleaning product on the fix. Partly. What's leftover when you're done cleaning strike? Well, what if you're like a mountain dew fan does that work? You know I don't I don't. I can't. I can't comment on that because I've never tried to mountain dew. Okay. All right. So Am I gonNA waste of buck on out and do see if it works. All right. So. Big Show today, I had the most colossal day in in in in the world ever had to move my daughter to one of the big schools in the state. So I did that while I was there popped a tyre on campus. So had to pull over the road it only one hundred and thirty eight degrees with no trees but I did change the tire into the spare. So this this took me a moment and wore me out because you know on modern cars, they put little tiny tiny Jacks in there you know to Jack up the car. So it's just that much more difficult. Anyway no problem got done. Got Back up on the road and home and drove. Driveway and everything was wet

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