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Not only does becoming apparent change, your goals and your priorities. It affects even the smallest everyday tasks like taking a shower, for instance. Whilst. Being a mother is the most precious gift. The reality of motherhood is also undeniably exhausting. This week's feet thoughts he stopped a pain I'm Christian I explore the unspoken pets Parton tree of Addie mother had halide them hollow we made it didn't we? We made a time that worked with little ones. Justify. Having a baby, it can be difficult at the best of times, but you would like me we both had lockdown Bubbas. This is your second it. It's been particularly challenging. Time has an oh, it's been. It's been something else hasn't it? Something that actually I think for for many many decades will be unpacking. Yeah, a hundred percent I know we've spoken before you've been so kind reaching out to me when I had Zachary and. It's definitely something. AM The obviously nobody anticipated but being a first time mom is so hot emotionally. And physically because there were just so many things on their going on for us at that point in time once we just freshly got a little one with us. You. have. Yeah, absolutely remember even from the first time my son is nice seven years old. So actually, I'd say that we two point where I've almost forgotten. What that new mom stage feels like, but it brings back all the vulnerabilities natural. We don't talk about this enough of just how much vulnerable time becoming a new mum as you expect it to be this incredible Gush of perfection that just takes place after the baby's born at the realities by different at a time like what we've all gone through where we've had very minimal support coming in a locked away from the outside world is being particularly challenging the complete I think I really struggled with. We had hospital stays. Didn't we you and I am being being without two partners was tough and that is the recovery aspect. So I mean, we can obviously get to baby as well. But Let let's talk about a woman's body off the buff because that's something that so many people I think they just kind of brush that is only smiley. Happy pitches of us with our babies and of course, we're we're worried for the moon, but there's damage I mean I had a slight prolapse and you pelvic floor destroyed. Could you could you go into the of the things that women can expect? Absolutely I think this is it is that every birth is so unique and is so different. Yet what we see in textbooks, what we can hear about largely at anti classes tends to be what this ideal Carthage birth should look like where the reality for the majority of mums, and this is what I see in my capacity as a GP is there's a significant amount of trauma associated with it and that's normal. You know your body's going through such a transformation even if it's you know inverted. Commas normal birth. There's a huge number of changes that take place in women typically can expect to have tears below which are very ability to make you feel very vulnerable. Prolapse is a very cohen our muscles in the abdomen can separate which causes a huge amount of issues with pain and recovery posts 'em Parcham and I mean these are just summit then for those of had major abdominal surgery it. So under talked about, we're just expected to leave the hospital and just get on with life as if nothing has happened when actually if you've broken your arm, you'll would be resting for a period of six to eight weeks minimum yet after something that. So transformational on a physiological. Level where expected to just get up and get a bit is bizarre I really find it bizarre. I never speaking to someone in my anti-nato grave and they said the best thing you can do, what's your babies to stay in bed for week and I d believe that actually helped me being in the hospital bed not being able to physically leave move ahead. It's bad side effects mental health as well. But the actually physically for recovery because knowing me and the precious there on society I probably would have just said all you have to get out after go to the shops have to do something and you kind of forced yourself with the subliminal pressure isn't there on women to just get. On with it absolutely I think society's got a lot to play with it too in terms of the whole birth aspect right from a cellular level there is massive shifts going on hormonally there's a Lotta shifts going on and again, just dealing with that can up almost traumatic sight of the birth and we don't speak about it enough in this concept of rest is so important after you've gone through something as life changing is that and not just in a physical level but even on an emotional mental level, you really need that time to recover at. It's interesting. You talk about rest because my culture where Indian and there's a period of forty days typically, our culture where mum is expected essentially bedrest. Cover while everybody else comes to bring her really nourishing rich foods that are designed to really facilitate that internal healing process and I had my first time. But this time, of course, all of that was missing because as MOMS particularly in we've had to do everything ourselves and just get on with it. which has been really challenging hasn't. Oh it's yeah I guess the one thing that I can say is the dockery's my first baby I don't know any different but.

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