German Consumer Confidence Soars on Virus Stimulus


Anyone who sort of picked up the press in Austria Switzerland, and of course, Germany yesterday, we saw some interesting indicators maybe as a first sign of just consumer confidence and certainly, and really talking about the confidence of of managers. You know many thousands who were pulled in in Germany and the sense. Anna that Yeah. When when they were being. Pulled last time some six weeks ago. Of course, things weren't looking so good but they're feeling a little bit better and I'm not sure if it's just because it's you know August is fast approaching. But what what is your sense of this and think how much of is it is it is it really? I think linked to the seven, hundred, fifty, billion euros versus if I'm a middle stunned company or I'm traded on the DOC, said I'm just seeing results, I'm seeing business order my orderbook starting to inflate somehow. So I'm wondering what what the measures between the two. Well I. think that there is certainly a some optimism at play here. That is a result, not just of the weather and the August break I think it's the result. Also the positive news around the recent for covering package that EU disagreed on a deal I think we're also seeing some more positive data because we have seen many economies now easing the lockdown so when you compare Compare the data that is going to come out now, it's obviously going to look better to the data that we saw coming out in March, and April, may where countries were still very much in lockdown a due out however, think that's a temporary recite that will soon going to look at an economic much more gloomy than than forecast is currently assume at this point in

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