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Hey everybody in this second part of our discussion about barn. The bainbridge artisans resource network in Bainbridge Washington. We are talking with Mike. Morgan the Woodshop Studio, lead the Woodshop at barn is simply amazing and is open to anyone to us. We will hear about the operations of the woodworking studio as well as a bit about the history of the studio itself mic. Thank you so much for joining me and welcomed. Its would thank you, Daniel. It's a pleasure to be here now. How long have you been? Working here at Barnes since its inception, which goes back more than two years now, and prior to that I was part of the woodworkers group that formed spontaneously on Bainbridge island back in two thousand nine, so I've been at this for more than ten years now. but barn is relatively recent. Yeah, and then we are just so people get a geographic sense Bainbridge. Island is up on the sound in Washington the puget sound. It's absolutely beautiful here. My. Best friend and I kinda toured around a little bit on the island and we've been here before he. He used to live up this area and it's just gorgeous, and do you find that? That this community or this island kind of draws. Artists. Yes very definitely, so my wife and I lived before here on Mercer Island which is on the other side of puget sound, and it's a wealthy bedroom community, not dissimilar from this one, but no artists community at all. Yeah, and so this is very different in that sense really attracts artists, artists, artists ends of all types and. It's also true that people liked living here. And I've actually been told there are people who want to move to Bainbridge island so that they can join barn now. That's a little more than I'm quite ready to believe, but maybe it's true. Yeah, I mean just touring around the little that we dead. There are some ridiculous resources here you WanNa take us through a little bit of that I. Know We're going to talk a lot about the woodworking. But what else can people do here on Bainbridge? Barn Yeah. There are depending on how you count eleven or twelve different studios ranging from the writers group. You know they just have a little room where they sit there and learn how to write. But, they bring in the most impressive array of professional authors. I've ever seen so the other day. I heard that Jay Gaunt's is giving a five hour shop. In the writer's studio, which to me I'm Jay is one of my favorite authors like J P Beaumont a lot. So I was blown away by that. That's want just one studio. We have kitchen arts as they call it. Produces lots of good things to eat, and it's a commercial kitchen in the sense that caterers can rent it. Do they share yes, when they're up there cooking. And every once in a while, we'll make something them. woodworkers made all the cabinetry for example in the room. They used to serve their bigger meals, and they reward us with a couple of plates, cookies or something good to on during the day as you were. Touring the around the woodshop. You were showing me the cabinet tree that you guys built and it's. I don't want to call it over the top for a woodshop. But it's beautiful there. They're all matched doors or veneer. Is it veneer or is it solid? It's all it's all near Oh. Okay, and you said you made upwards of four hundred of these things for the entire barn. As we've lost count so many it's at least four hundred in the early on when the building was still being finished off, we stepped forward to volunteer to make these cabinets for Barnes so that they save tens of thousands of dollars with that effort, but in return the organization. was very much willing to buy us some nice power tools, so we got some excellent. You truly amazing. We do tools out in that Shaba, but the other benefit. If I might interrupt. That is to that we all learn. We were all rookies when it came to building cabinets so in the course of this, I learned how to make euro style cabinets.

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