The play offs right now. He has seen it all. 25 years I've planned


White guy is. Talking to Terry Stotts last night. Let's stay in that game, we'll go. Anthony Davis, who was the star of the game last night, took a little shot of LeBron James is agent a jovial way and was talking about Ron brought a little bit. No, he just standing by about everything, especially through the play offs right now. He has seen it all. 25 years I've planned so So, uh, you know, he he's kind of Been there. Four majors support me any kind of God would do this until your entire process. Hugs and kisses now with the Los Angeles Lakers, And I think Anthony Davis is the most valuable player in the bubble. When you look at the three teams that are expected to win it all this year. The Bucks the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles Clippers. Clippers have depth even though Pat that won't play tonight when they go up against the Dallas Mavericks in Game three bucks do have death and you start to see the number two guys? Yes, Chris Middleton. Not play well. The other night only scored two points, and he's important needs the help, and sheriff Paul George is important as well. But if George doesn't play a good game, then you could still see

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