Another Wrench In The (Voting) Works, Plus Robin Thede On 'A Black Lady Sketch Show' - burst 7


With long hair. Mariah Carey. Now with long hair share. All right. Got It. Literally pulled a reverse care in this week I asked to speak to the supervisor of the, post? Office. I. Volunteer. I love how angry she always wants to speak to someone's manager, but it seems like for the right reasons. Yeah. I like share Sharon Bette Midler crack me up just to body like older ladies who don't give a crap about their. And they just still do things you know just like A. Reverse. Karen. That's very funny phrase. All. Right. You got that one next quote. Tell me what company said this. Quote, the purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch. This was a company announcing this week that they're gonNA to start a shuffle play. Button on their homepage. To make even more own Netflix. it's getting bad they. So now they're going to have a button you can hit on the home screen to just let Netflix show you anything based on what you've watched before just to keep you watching I. Guess even longer I mean me to be convinced how much do you think you watch a week? Oh God well between all the streaming services because now I've been obsessed with Disney plus an HBO Max. So. Between that Hulu Netflix six I'm probably doing twenty or thirty hours a week between the four. Oh, at least because I have insomnia. So I'll watch four hours a night while I'm white away in I'm talking about full-time hours probably. Club job watching this show. All right last quote this is from a famous musician. The quote is everybody on the shoot had to get tested for corona virus. We had a tiger and leopard there, but we didn't film with them in there because of safety and because of the pandemic, we spice those scenes together who said that It was either Cardi B. or Megan the stallion about the what music. The music video that will not die. It has been a headline every day since its release. I just love to think of Cardi B. Taking pandemic precautions

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