Netflix is making a $200 million Ryan Gosling-Chris Evans spy movie


Where Netflix made its biggest commitment ever for a film $200 million for a film with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans called the Gray Man. I guess it's an espionage thriller, but You know anything about this? I mean, that's a ton of money. You know, weirdly. Netflix doesn't turn a profit, but they have endless amounts of cash. And no, I don't know how are how they spend their deals. They seem to have just pockets and pockets, and I don't know Gosling doesn't seem to be a huge huge box office draw. He's a star. But if you look he's not a marble guy. Maybe seven offsets that with his notoriety from From the marvel bits, but that that sounds crazy to me, But I'm not the cries any time I hear about Netflix spending tons of money

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