3 Ways to Protect Your Peace


The Internet, maybe you've seen those cheesy. Little. pinterest quotes I mean I I don't I don't know I've seen it plastered all over the Internet. In a never really clicked with me it was like protect your peasy Asher. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Protect your piece but what does that actually mean? So today I wanted to talk to you fam- about protecting your piece, the importance of that and what I've been learning about protecting my piece. In this latest season, I wanna read something to you I though and and part of inspiration for this This message on T. G. L. Today, which is a quick message was inspired also by Pastor Rick Somebody that I look up to somebody that I believe gives great. Life advice from golly perspective. But on a this verse I and it says, I'm leaving you with a gift peace of mind and heart, and the piece I give is a gift to the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or read. That's John Fourteen twenty seven and rick goes on to say that God goddess promised to give you peace of mind and fact one of God's name's is Jehovah Shalom which means I am the God of Peace Finding Peace is one of our deepest needs and if God has promised peace of mind, but you don't have it why. Here's three things. Fam- that I'm sharing with you today that might be robbing you your piece the first one is we lose our peace. When circumstances are uncontrollable? Did anyone raise their hand when I said that did anyone feel that when circumstances are uncontrollable I mean for example, Hello Twenty twenty has been the most out of control. Year. I think in the last hundred years we started strong with a once in one hundred year pandemic I mean nothing since the Spanish flu has been seen since and we've seen racial injustice so much heartache and unrest in our communities, and now we've got this election coming up. Oh my gosh. If you're democratic Republican whatever side you're on, you're probably wondering and you're probably worried about what's going to happen if this person gets elected, what's this going to mean for me? All those things are are ultimately out of our control. Yes. You can vote and I encourage you to vote and yes, you can do things in your community I think to to patch racial tensions I think that you can be an advocate, your community, but the things that we're seeing in the news and that are going on in the media largely out of your control you can't control. Cova. So what the heck can you do welcome? My advice is to take it all to God somebody once said, no matter who's in the White House God still sits on the throne he has never lost control. And neither should we if it's creating toxicity inside of you and it begins to steal the good that you can bring the world. Then you know it's gone way too far. I remember I I would say this is probably about four or five years ago when there was a lot of other shootings going on And I, remember there was a shooting in Dallas and there was a sniper and it was it was black against white again, right? You know of CNN and all the news outlets are talking about this racial tension and I was distraught over I, just didn't know what to do with how I was feeling. I really just felt torn apart. I'm texting my black friends like, Hey, man I hope you know like I. Love You and you know hope this doesn't come between us or anything. We're Bros for life and I just really let it get to me I really let. Something that I couldn't control rob me of my piece and I went through something for I would say a year where was constantly battling you know fighting this the problems of the world that were out of my control inside of my own head I was so concerned I was like, what is this going to mean for society? You know what is this going to mean for our kids? Do I wanNA bring kids into a world that's just in chaos and turmoil and I started having just the darcus thoughts, right? And completely took God out of the Equation Right. because. Honestly. Things going out of control still equals God being in control things can be a bit out of control in this world, but God still is in control. Humans. We may have lost control, but God's still in control and he wants us to know that if he is with us, we can have that peace and it took him out of the equation Fam- and I really spent my. You know that year worrying was in a constant state of worry and that's not something that I want you to do, and in fact, it's something that you kind of just have to let go of I. Realized I. Mean You know with all the stimulation news outlets? And everything that can cause so much unrest all that bad news that you're taking in Fam-. Sometimes, you just gotTa turn off the TV you just gotTa let it go because if it's stealing your piece in, it's taking away from what you can bring to the world.

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