California wildfires force thousands to evacuate


Two new wildfires in Northern California have forced thousands of people to evacuate. Law enforcement say three people have died in the SOG fire in Shasta County. Separately, the glass fired north of San Francisco has put more than 65,000 people under evacuation orders from member station Kake, Hedy Kevin Stark reports. Officials say the wildfire exploded in size at one point burning across four miles in about six hours. Hot winds drove the flames across Napa Valley, showering members on tinder dry vegetation, sparking more fire and destroying homes. Mark McGuire, a state senator from Sonoma County, said firefighters worked aggressively to save as many homes as possible. This fire is the biggest threat biggest threat to public safety. More than count for me when I remind folks is We do have significant fires across the state as difficult as last night was. Firefighters save much more than were lost. Winds have subsided, but the region is still dry, which will make this an active firefight for the foreseeable future.

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