Trump and Biden prepare for first debate amid report on Trump tax records


For President Trump and Joe Biden there. First of three debates is tonight in Cleveland and heads into tonight's debate with a 10 point lead in national polls. He's also up in several key battleground states like Pennsylvania, where our latest ABC News Washington Post poll out this morning shows biting up by nine points. Buying is also familiar with this setting. setting. He He has has done done 26 26 presidential presidential and and vice vice presidential presidential debates. debates. But But he he has has never never faced faced an an opponent opponent like like Donald Donald Trump. Trump. Correspondent Correspondent Mary Mary Bruce Bruce says says the the debate debate will will be be divided divided into into 6 6 15 minute segments topics they trump in Biden records. The Supreme Court, Corona virus, the economy, race and violence in US cities and the integrity of the election. Sure to come up are the reports in the New York Times revealing the tax returns that the president refused to release. Biden has spent days preparing for the debate. The president has not, He thanks formal preparation isn't necessary. Given the daily demands of the job campaign advisers did prepare flashcards for him with questions on one side and answers on the other. Lock it into 10

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