Chicago Bulls officially hire Donovan as next head coach


We had some big news that broke in the NBA on Tuesday afternoon after we went off air and that is one of the most desirable head coaching jobs in the League of the Chicago Bulls with their young talent. With a new front office scale, they found their head coach. It was an experienced veteran who won sixty percent of his games over the five years. He was the head coach of Oklahoma City, and that is billy Donovan scall- getting head coach of the bowls on Tuesday afternoon scale. What was your reaction when you heard the news that billy dee is going to be the headman for the bolts and I don't. Think about all that I have I'm not good with that type of stuff and I don't WanNa see here and B. M. B. S. The people I don't know what makes a good coach a certain situation I don't know what he did it Oklahoma City where when you had Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and Katie left in it. It's just it's just a lot of variable. I know this year they were great day overachieved and he was great for. Them but I do know they also turn the keys over to cruise pause at went. But so I wish him the best I I don't I don't know what's which is even the benchmark look like for Success in Chicago I'm not even sure what I i. if I understand that I'm not even sure I understand their roster of if how good they can possibly be like a lot of guys under team. So I'd be lying if I told you all man. Shares he's going to do so good I don't I don't know any of those things. We'll see he did win sixty plus percent of his games out of the four hundred koshen. Okay. See he had an eighteen and twenty three record in the playoffs as team went to the Western Conference finals in year one when he had Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of what they did not win a series after that any inherits a very young but my opinion relatively talented young team in Chicago So kudos to billy dee in the front office Chicago for a after a long exhaustive process finally getting their guy scale. Here's some of the other candidates that were interviewed by according to Marc Spears also according to my sources in the front. Office as well. Are they talked to Stephen Silas Jamal. Moseley Dan Craig Kenny Atkinson Gironde Collins Yodok David Vander Pool West Junior Darvin Ham and Chris Fleming who is there assistance assistant so they had a pretty long exhaustive search I. Think the search pivoted when Billy Donovan became available. That was something that was maybe unforeseen, and now he's going to get a chance where they knew front office to lead the Bulls and try to get them back into the playoffs. Gal. On because Chicago has been the second worst team in the NBA Ed only the New York Knicks in terms of the record over the last three years.

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