East around 59, using seed from Arkansas


Chicago's most trusted stuff for updated news minute by MINUTE news radio 7 81 Opie 810.9 FM. The Lake County Forest Preserve district plans to test plant native grasses better, more adaptable to possible climate change. It's called the growing through Change Project Forest Preserve restoration ecology manager Patty Bit tells the Daily Herald. Our climate change predictions that Chicago area weather in the year 2050 will be more like Oklahoma. It's why they will plan £800 of native Grass over 180 Acres east around 59, using seed from Arkansas and vicinity. The district then monitor how the southern grasses survive, grow and reproduced in these northern climes. Pat Cassidy News Radio, one of high 10.9 film agencies in Israel, and the US have announced an agreement to collaborate on television production. It's the latest development to follow US brokered deal between the countries to normalize relations. The pack dames at strengthening commercial ties their training programs for film and television coproduction. And joint film festivals. A federal judge in California has blocked the White House ban on downloads of the Chinese owned APP We chat. The action prevents the Commerce Department from forcing Apple and Google to remove the social media app from their Internet

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