Christina Anstead splits with husband of less than 2 years

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Speaking of splits surprising This is a surprising, but the other one was not surprising. Yeah. That was a long time. An answer said are done. He's married. It's an An said, right? Yeah. I always makes them up with the other aunt and dead one is in deck. Yeah. So Christina El Moussa formerly El Moussa that's Rude Christina El Moussa Formosa who got divorced from Tarek El Moussa and spinoff and got her own surly Christina's beach house or whatever. On the coast on the coast married this guy in instead a two years ago, two years ago I started dating three years ago and it was like happily ever after were away from the toxic Tara Mussa vibes we didn't think those were. We thought those were a little bit. Remember the whole incident with the gun. Oh Yeah that's shady anthony for good. Yeah. So they're apparently getting a divorce or splitting up and she's pregnant. She had a kid with him they etiquette or she's pretty edited together you get together. meanwhile, Christina, an aunt aunt sets friends or quote shocked to hear about the split quote. They seemed happy. This is an exclusive. I mean I feel like I I keep hearing about them too because they're always in the news they seem happy to me they seem to happy I can be the source they seem happy you asked me what I Thought About Christina El Moussa Indian says Gina and and that said, I would say they seem happy. Here's one of the the insider quotes Christina and aunt had been very private about this and friends are shocked to hear about the news because they seemed happy together, and while in front of others now, the voice here is what confuses me the Pov? Christina. An aunt have been very private about this and friends are shocked to hear the news because they seem happy together. So this sounds like it's not from an actual friend. It sounds like a friend of a friend right because because why would if I was their friend? Wowed I S- be saying friends are shocked to hear.

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