030: The human design flaw of married-with-children sex - 2min


It's not that are long-suffering. Wives don't gamely try to play along they do their level. Best. God. Love Them. If the meteorological conditions are exactly correct in the stars are in proper alignment alive may actually initiate sex although this is exceedingly rare in nature. Recent studies have shown that this phenomenon happens at roughly the same frequency as the appearance of Haley's comet or the complete freezing over of Niagara Falls, and when it does happen, a husband is often so confused and thrown off he may simply become paralyzed and unable to function at all. Again, all of this anx could have been avoided if God would have simply put men and women on the same page instead of in entirely different books. The other problem is that not only do men have equipment that functions well past its expiration date. But they also have very healthy egos. Sure they understand the whole mommy mode thing but they also WANNA be desirable to their wives and the idea of sympathy sex is nearly more distasteful than no sex at all mind USA. Nearly the almost last thing that we want for our wives is to play along while secretly hating the process and hoping that it will be over as quickly as possible I mean nobody is all the way. Okay with that. So. How is this universal and time honored conundrum to be solved? Is there nothing that can be done no flashy men in black pin thing we can use to hypnotize our wives into forgetting that they have given birth to children and make them believe that they're twenty two again and that their husbands are still super hunky and wear size thirty, two genes. While I. Now realize that I gave way too much thought to that scenario.

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