Brett Kavanaugh was a very contentious process, but nonetheless, there was a process


Time before the election. To essentially fast track, a Supreme Court judge. Well, you know the filibusters gone. And if the 53 Republican senators, just, you know, chief like follow their leader. You know anything's possible and course, the number of the Possible nominees have quite recently been put on federal courts by the Trump administration. So they've been vetted. You know, they'd answered the Judiciary Committee questions. They filled out all the forms and You know the very recent past and so I expect that, you know, it's not like starting from a clean slate. Who is this person? They know who these people are. So, yeah, you know, technically, if all the Republicans Stay in line. They could do it. They might pay a price, but they could do it. It would be definitely changing the ideology of the court for some time to come. Ugh!

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