Congress releases scathing report on Boeing 737 Max


Words, deception and basically disturbing both words used In a scathing report from Congress on their investigation into the Boeing 7 37 max development. It's re sort of its certification and maybe even it's re certification and about its relationship with the FAA. Pretty damning stuff. Right, John? By far the report that came out of the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee. Really highlights of very really damning picture of how Boeing and the FAA went about certifying the 7, 37, Max and All the missed opportunities to alter course and I think that you know, really spells, you know? Ultimately, a process breakdown about how this whole thing proceeded seemingly normally. But again going back in retrospect and looking at all these different opportunities to change course on DH account for this. The design of the 7 37 different way really is you see that over and over and over again in the house ended up collecting over it's over teaching of investigation. And it's my It's my guess that some people might actually go to prison on this because the actual behavior in my estimation was criminal. You know when you talk about criminal negligence It's written all over this, but it goes back to the basic relationship that the Federal Aviation Administration has with both manufacturers and with airlines. Two areas. They're supposed to regulate their not their clients. They're not. They're partners. I remember John being an immediate United Airlines. You may have even been there that day. I think you were When one of the operation guys, you know that stood up and said, You know, we are going to get the plane recertified. We're working with our partners at the FAA. And I stood up immediately and raised my hand and said, Excuse me. Did you just defined the Federal Aviation Administration as your partner? Isn't that the root problem here? And, uh, I didn't get a good answer. Because if you go back to the history of the FAA, we're talking decades. The people that actually certify any airplane, whether it's Boeing or in the old days, McDonnell Douglas or Lockheed or Convair. The people who certify that plane is airworthy. Or actually, on the payroll of the manufacturer. They're called FAA designated inspectors. Now, if that doesn't scream conflict of interest, I don't know what does The amazing thing is that that discussion is not new mean you like you just said that this this goes back decades. I mean, when when you hung it at you know what happened when the MacDonald does. DC 10 was ground back in the late seventies. There was all this discussion around delegated authority and how and how they're not. The FAA was able to act as an adequate regulator of Of those they were tasked with regulating And by the way, and by the way, John in that particular case, I know it so well. American Airlines maintenance guys figure out they could save four hours per engine change in maintenance by violating the maintenance manual and using a forklift truck instead of doing it with with pulleys and levers. Which violated the maintenance man, and they actually want told the FAA. They're gonna violate it. And the FAA said Okay and in the plane that crashed American flight 1 91 in Chicago, which, by the way, still ranks As the worst aviation disaster in this country in history. Up on the plane in question they were putting on a new engine. They have to fasten it with special bolts, and they had two of the bolts in two of the four bolts in when the when the lunch whistle blew So they went to lunch, and during lunch, they forklift lost pressure. Which is the reason why McDonald Douglas didn't want him to use a forklift truck. It bet one of the bolts and broke the other, but they didn't know it came back and install the other two bolts. They flew the plane empty to Chicago on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, Back in 1979 and They took out a full load of passengers for Los Angeles. We know what happened next. So this we knew this. You know you're absolutely right. This this is this is or 40 years ago, just about Yeah, and you know, And when you look at the DC 10 I mean, I've spent a lot of time in the last two years looking at the history of it because it is so similar to the 7 37. You know a lot of the new Certainly the root causes were different around the maintenance. Of the engine and how it was attached the aircraft, But there are there were definitely issues around around looking at the same core issues as your craft manufactures, which is how do humans interact with their technology? And how do How did an aircraft respond to damage and it's never just one thing

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