Live Life to the Fullest with Bob Goff


Cool cats and kittens welcome back to the good life with Stephen, says, why did I make a weird Carol Baskin's reference. I don't know. But can you believe how like long ago and not long ago? That was I feel like that was the beginning of this quarantine life, and now we all wear them ask and we got over it and we don't give actually cat prints. That's funny. That is true. You shoot a print that's besides the point we are way off track. The point of today is that if you want something happy if you WanNa hear some good stories and you WanNa get some good knowledge man we've got Bob. Golfing this show I have been excited to have bob on SAZ keeps hitting cheer button today she is on why she thinks she's producing Delta. but it's a great episode. We're taking some of your questions that I asked on Instagram I still seem your questions and I asked Bob. So you're welcome. Also, to I wanted to give a quick shout out to anyone in the TJ Fam- who has taken the liberty upon themselves to leave a rating and review. I love it so much when you guys do this so much that I wanna read some of your reviews. One of says literally thank you I really enjoyed this. Azaz. Back off the button. Alley. Another one says exactly what I needed. The latest episode with Jamie was quite literally what I needed to hear and I didn't even know it with Kobe it's been so easy to feel like everyone is having the fun and doing the things you love to be doing life is on pause and you don't even know why or how this can be good for your life story because. JAMIE'S EPISODE Really gave her exactly what she needed you guys. So appreciate everyone leaving rating reviews. We see them. We appreciate you less what you think about this episode because Bob is on fire and he is a ton of. He knows Jamie Ivy to just fun fact there is a fun fact. If you love Jamie, you'll love Bob Alright. Let's get into the show fans stick around. It's about to get good. Dig Dig dig dig ready to dig your dreams out today FAM-. You know that

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