This Siege YouTuber Got Blacklisted For Life


We got all sorts of allegations to get through but this story starts with the hot breach podcast which rogue nine co hosted alongside other siege youtubers get flanked and purdue Pete and as far as siege specific podcast go it was pretty popular. Everybody. Welcome to a very special episode of the hot breach podcast back in October of twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred hot breach guys were invited by Ubisoft down to a balancing workshop that was being hosted in Barcelona. The idea was that they would come experience what the workshop had to say, and then record a podcast live in. Barcelona. The reality is this Barcelona trip was a disaster for everyone involved in actually led to the end of the hot bridge podcast because the very next day. All of Montreal based colleagues and many of the bustle based ones that I've been harassing her that I made her feel quote very uncomfortable and unsurprisingly making such a serious accusation against me turned an awkward situation into a complete nightmare. Now, almost a year after the trip rogue neither recently put a video talking about the harassment allegations made against him and how the Barcelona trip played a role in ultimately getting him blacklisted by UBISOFT. I will be sharing a story of how it was physically threatened at a rainbow six event by Ubisoft to staff member who was drunk off his face as well as details of defamation and match-fixing by another in the. Video, he also accuses to siege community developers of abusing their position, threatening him, and even allegedly match-fixing a charity Creator show match. We'll get to those accusations and a little bit but first, let's start with the harassment allegations and this Barcelona trip according to rogue nine in the months leading up to the Barcelona trip he struck up a conversation with ubisoft employees over DM's that quote got a bit personal and plying the things we're moving towards a romantic relationship last year between August and October things became a bit personal between a Ubisoft employees and me I'm not GonNa go into too much detail here, but it is important to briefly touch on this luckily. Almost all of our communications were over twitter DM's, and I still have the entire thread to prove exactly what happened these messages prove that she made the first advances and that she repeatedly encouraged me to keep in touch with her eventually rogue nine says that the woman he was talking to clarify the situation there wasn't going to be a romantic partnership and while he felt led on in was hurt and told her as much apparently according to him the whole thing was chalked up to a giant misunderstanding. Now, the woman wrote nine was talking to was the same woman that was going to be running the upcoming Barcelona balancing event which remember the hot. Breach guys were invited to, and well, Roque says that the Barcelona trip was awkward but ultimately harmless I've had multiple sources tell me a different story and sadly all of this happened right before a weeklong balancing workshop to Ubisoft Bacelona offices which she had organized and that I had committed to taking part in months earlier from what I was told, how get flagged shares his perspective in a recent video he uploaded wrote nine took the rejection pretty personally and it ruined the entire trip for the hot breach team. Once we arrived it was evident from like day one that it was going to be an issue like I would say that it was awkward. From the get go, there were awkward dinners with everyone involved rose co-hosted. Their best to distract him get flying says that road tried to confront her about the situation which wrote disputes. The point is this situation was terrible for everyone involved everything went from like awkward on a trip to just like dysfunction I. It was the attention was unbearable and it was so awful. Okay. It got to the point where like she very clearly like you had to like. The taxes that we took from the studio and back like you had to make sure that they weren't in the same taxi and stuff like that like it was it was awful like it was it consumed the entire trump. It went from rogue being consumed by who just putting a dark cloud over everything. Over, the course of that entire trip I never saw her do anything that I felt was unprofessional I never saw anything from any UBISOFT employees on that trip that I felt was unprofessional, and then the day the podcast was set to record with the employees featured as a prominent guest rogue nine allegedly tried to veto her because he was still upset about the entire situation. Well, they managed to get through the episode get says that rogue nines behavior on the trip caused him and prestige gop to actually. End The hot breach podcast after the Barcelona episode and to stop working with rogue nine. Altogether, we basically decided that point that we don't want to work with rogue anymore not long after that road nine received the email from ubisoft saying that they were banning him from ever working with us off again because of these alleged harassment allegations quote due to your conduct during the operator balancing sprint workshop and Barcelona. Spain, we regret to inform you that Ubisoft will no longer be working with you moving forward this. Includes future activation such as the London event taking place on October twenty fourth we have always will value the content you have created over the years that said we cannot and will not accept behavior directed towards UBISOFT staff that disrespectful dismissive or route, and shortly after get flanked, put his video sharing his perspective on the Barcelona bouncing trip road nine posted another tweet longer basically disputing a lot of the offense that get flank says happened at this point it's become a bit of a he said, he said. The crazy thing about this situation that you saw reached out to me with a statement long before I ever asked for comment, which to me says that they're taking this very seriously work of content creators is critical to the health and integrity of our communities and our relationship with these creators is built on mutual respect and professionalism at these principles are not respected. UBISOFT we'll take action deem appropriate in order to protect our employees, partners and the wider community and okay. So that wraps up the Barcelona and harassment.

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