ByteDance Says It Won. Trump Says Not So Fast. TikTok Continues For Now.


Okay, here's what I can tell you. You can still use tiktok as of this moment president trump since we last spoke said he approved Oracle's bid for the US. Operations of tiktok quote in concept, and so essentially the US delayed the planned tick tock band by about a week as Oracle Walmart looked to take a twenty percent stake in Tiktok globals planned pre IPO round as well as of course, the deals to host talks us user data and computer systems quoting Bloomberg I approve the deal and concept trump told reporters Saturday as he left the White House for a campaign rally in Fayetteville north. Carolina if they get. It done. That's great. If they don't, that's okay too and quote the new company which will be called tiktok global has agreed to funnel five billion dollars in new tax dollars to the US and set up a new education fund which trump said would satisfy his demand that the government receive a payment from the deal quote they're going to be setting up a very large fund. He said that's their contribution that I've been asking for an quote Oracle plans to take a twelve point, five percent stake in the new tiktok level. While Walmart said, it has tentatively agreed to by seven point, five percent of the entity. Walmart's. Officer Doug Macmillan will serve on tiktok global's board of directors. The retailer said in a statement for of the five board seats will be filled by Americans according to the statement tic TACs. Owner Bite dance is seeking evaluation of sixty billion dollars for the APP, according to a person familiar with the matter Oracle and Walmart would pay a combined twelve billion dollars for their stakes. If they agreed to that asking price, the final valuation has not been set as the party's worked out the equity structure and measures data security. The person said terms are still in flux and the proposed valuation could still change and quote. Yet more about that flex in a second but more about that five billion dollar payment to the government. The president mentioned I. Guess That's the key money by another name that he was asking for all along except that seems to have come as news to at least most of the parties involved Oracle later confirmed it to a degree but quoting Dan primack on twitter. More about tiktok quote Payments Number One the Education Fund is not to fun trump's patriotic history project number two, the five billion dollar figure is not codified anywhere and no one expects it to be anywhere near that big number three, the five billion dollars to the Treasury is anticipated payroll taxes over an unspecified period. Of Time, there will be an education focused effort using tick tock short video format distribution tool, but there is no dollar amount tied to it with trump seeming to inflate the payroll tax figure with the Education Fund remember Tick Tock doesn't have five billion dollars at least not until its IPO wants to complete within twelve months and quote. So. Again has this all been Kabuki theatre make the president think he's getting his key money. Give a politically connected firm, a sweetheart deal, and even if the five billion dollars is really not going to be five billion dollars again, we have the president of the government forcing the investment of private property, giving it to favourite entity and essentially asking for a kickback exactly. What happens in Banana Republics Super? Oh and about that whole thing being inflex bite dance. This morning was asserting that it is maintaining majority ownership and control over tick tock global and will not transfer any source code or technology to Oracle or Walmart so essentially waving a flag saying they won. Quoting the Financial Times bite that set on money that it would maintain majority ownership and control of tiktok global contradicting statements by Donald trump oracle, and Walmart after it agreed a deal with the companies to continue operating in the US Oracle, the US technology group, and Walmart, the world's biggest bricks and mortar retailer said in a joint statement at the weekend that Tiktok level would be majority owned by American investors and quote however while they're state combined with the equity held by. Long standing US investors by dance might mean, American investors would be the biggest financial beneficiaries, direct majority ownership and control of the business is set to remain with the Chinese company in a statement released on January tat chow by dances Chinese social media platform. The company said tiktok global would be a quote one, hundred percent fully owned subsidiary. The company added that after raising funds ahead of a potential initial public offering, it would have an eighty percent stake in the company and quote. So maybe that wasn't a good thing to go spouting off about because this either means now the deal is really off. Because the Chinese side really doesn't want it or else the deal is off because the president isn't going to be pleased about that more in just one second or else everyone is just GonNa declare victory and. Meaningful has actually changed my money's on that but hard to tell at this point because to conclude. About thirty minutes ago. President trump. said, he would not approve a tick tock deal bite dance ceded control, and well I don't know.

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