To the Rockies at Oracle Park. Johnny Cueto gets rocked eight hits, seven earned


Bit more clarity on some of these injuries yesterday, Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas, as feared with seizing, ending a C L injuries where he most herd is gonna miss time with an M C. L sprain. Tevin Coleman is gonna miss time with a knee sprain, but the 40 Niners did get some reinforcements. Ziggy Ansah signed a one year deal at $3 Million on a on that one year contract the Raiders last night. Victory over the Saints in their Sin City debut. Derek Carr shines with three touchdowns. They beat the Saints 34 to 24 some more baseball news, The Oakland A's clinched the American League West there first Division title since 2013 those of your half past headlines. Little 40 Niner talked as we return to move. We checked with Candace and it's all clear check with Candace Knbr morning show with Merc and Mac and continue it on your Amazon Echo smart speaker by seeing Alexa play KNBR. Real quick organism Niner stuff here. In fact, Jon Gruden just revealed last night he had Corona in jail. I didn't did I Did he did had happened and then One of the things I want to hit two is that I guess the Niners weren't the only ones. In addition, all the other. Injuries around league. They confirm sake. Want Barkley out for the year? So that means he will not be playing against the Niners this Sunday. They're bringing in apparently Devonta Freeman. I don't think he signed yet, but I think they're bringing a man for try out. So here in the guy They see on Sunday on now, Christian McCaffrey gone for several weeks to that's a big one. And then uh And then the Seahawks themselves the dreaded

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