158: Interview with SAT Expert Mary Lanni


Right price while preserving parents retirement. That's the the big picture plan for us. Nice, I like that preserving retirement part. So I wanted to really talk about What you do and in particular. the sat act in light of Covid nineteen and what that looks like for students. Of course, it's changing it feels like almost daily but of course, it's more like weekly or every other week We get something out by the College Board but what should families expect? And do and and how can students really prepare for the future? Because as we know, you know tests in the spring have already been canceled for the sat although act has some June dates are they going to happen? Are They not going to happen to what should our rising seniors planning doing and thinking during this time? That's a really good question I wish I had. A crystal ball to the able to tell you exactly heaven But because I don't my best recommendation is to go ahead with the plan that you want to have happen. So it's like anything no if our plans are going to take place anyway. So if you know that colleges on the plan for next year and a C. T., r. sat is required by that college. Get on the list of ticket especially during the summer session right now, the sat and act are both adding dates over the summer to make up for the spring date that were missed, and if we know that our fall semester for most schools is going to be virtual. And a lot of students are already struggling with that virtual learning already, if they can focus their tax prep over the summer, get that done and out of the way, they can focus on that virtual learning and get the GPA up because that's also really important for college planning Yes yes. So That's a good point with the the prepping now for the summer tests these new added summer test. So, what type of prep? Let's talk about in general what students should be doing, and then specifically what it is that your company offers. and. How you're ABLE TO SUPPORT STUDENTS WITH TEST PREP Yeah so As far as prep, what we recommend is forty hours before the first real test. So that means taking two to three practice tests also within that timeframe. And about as a quarter to a third of students taking these tests or taking the test that isn't best suited to them. So their students who will test better on the sat or the act based on their learning and testing style. So if they're focusing on tested, they do better at than they're going to get a better score than if they're just doing the one that maybe offered at their school for free during the year 'cause each state has one that they uses standard test. So we recommend starting with some sort of diagnostic figuring out, which is best practice for that tests forty hours because then they get to that first test, it's going to be recorded so. If you go into your first test absolutely colds have never seen this before it's not going to be your best score. and. It would be great if colleges didn't see that score. So it's something you practice and have the real end the one that you're paying for sitting down on a Saturday morning for be one that will count and really well for you. So. That's kind of how we do that, and then within our program, we have actually three. Separate bins and two that we're really working on hard right now. So one is kind of a diy sets course that you go through You can just go through it at your own pace and it's got some tips and tricks for each of the different sections and looking at it from our perspective of not just how to do well on those specific questions but the the mental aspects of it because when you're sitting at the center for four hours, no matter how good of a test take you are it's very fatiguing though strategies to kind of mitigate that so that then you're keeping your energy is consistent throughout the process. And we also do one on one. So we have a program where you can do one on one with with me. You have a textbook in the new also have access to an online platform with lots of questions and video answers. So what's Nice about that? especially as things are changing with the test prep landscape act starting to do stuff online with their individual section tests in September in both act and sat are working on online options for the winter in. Expectation of a second wave of Cova. So if you're practicing online, it's a lot easier to translate that to an online task than if you're practicing non paper and Trinity Online. So it's nice that we have the two options depending on what the students end up taking. Okay. Are you recommending students practice both of paper and online or going where they're stronger or more online because it's more likely that it's going to be online like what recommend general recommendations would you have I think if they're going to take it over the summer to practice on paper because that's what is most likely going to be the case that they're going to be really set up for online quite yet if they're looking at the act and at the section retests in September, than practicing the re-test at online is going to be a good option. When thing to remember though about that is they have to have the sat's completely one time before it can take the Resitas. Section. Let's talk about that section because it's a new thing families aren't. You know it's very new and So let's talk a little bit about the section retest and I guess it would probably benefit mostly classic twenty, twenty, two rising juniors or I guess would it also a rising senior to sit for retests section tests? On the exit. So the way that at least for my understanding All new and we haven't really seen it play out yet. But if you've taken the entire test one and then you like you say didn't do so well on the math portion but you did well and everything else you can practice just for that math registered just for the math and sit just the math So that's it's great for students because they're able to focus in on those sections, it may be a little bit more challenging One of the things that I keep in mind is that colleges haven't really said how they're going to treat those scores yet so. So the other condition yes. That's really good. Especially, if you have a score that's not as as high as the others, but as long as your face score is acceptable to you. Then take that with a grain of salt knowing that some colleges near me not accepted media I, tell you. It's Bad enough with the covid nineteen stuff going on. But then to have this like this new thing which I mean this happened and you know and in college planning space have been talking about it for a while. So you know but now I'm thinking Oh my word. This like the have both of these things at the same time I mean one is exciting again, we don't know how. How schools are going to do it if they're going to accept it if they're not, you know if they're going to require like you said the base plus the additional I think the big thing I've been telling my family's is don't think of it as like the Super Score, you know families want to think of it. The sectional kind of like equated to the SAT. Super Score, which is automatic. Ruben schools for the schools except super score but. We don't know again like everything else I think it's Ok am learning to it's like it's normal. Say you don't know we don't know you know. With everything going on, we don't know what schools are GonNa accept and not accept. So do we know so that I in the fall for students that will be administered online or paper we don't know that yet. The section tests correct the section has as far as I understand our own online, they will not be accepted on. Brad. Something to do with the scoring and keeping track of where the students are something I'm not. I'm sure

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