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I like to welcome the show gene m from Nebraska, who has come to talk to us about her homestate Tino. Welcome to the show I. Thank you Chris and Gina I see from Nebraska. You'll live in Phoenix now. Does one ever get Nebraska out of their system after they move away so. Truly wants to Nebraska always. And Nebraska is one of only three states in the fifteen years the show we have not covered. So I've been really wanting to do this show I think for a while I have actually spent vacations in Nebraska. So why should someone go to Nebraska? Well, that is a great question and a lot of people when they hear I'm from Nebraska, asked me that question as well. So I think that the State Tourism Board. They just came out with a motto. That actually, maybe laugh the motto is Nebraska honestly it isn't for everyone. And so and then it goes into all of these awesome things that you can do Nebraska. But I think that someone who loves a good road trip likes to go off the beaten path maybe not as mainstream as some other areas that is who is going to love to go to Nebraska. Will and I should say that I have or have had at times for different podcasts and one of them was the passport travel marketing. NPR. PODCAST and if you go find that show, you can find an interview with the head of Nebraska tourism talking about that very motto in how It came about and and what they meant by it and that whole program. So. Excellent well, what kind of itinerary are you going to recommend for us? Well, I think that we should sorry in Omaha Nebraska which is the largest city you're gonna fly in here and you can fly pretty much any major airline into that airport. In also itinerary I should know is going to take place in the summer. So Nebraska has four seasons in the winter can be quite extreme and it's just not quite as fun. If you I mean it's beautiful but the weather is so extreme that I would definitely recommend during during the summer. So we're GONNA fly into Omaha, and we are going to stay in the old market area downtown. It's absolutely gorgeous. So you can go on some horsedrawn carriages you can see farmers markets on the weekends but. The main thing and Omaha is the Henner doorly zoo. So many times throughout the years it has been rated number one in the world and it's for good reason. So it has an aquarium that is also with the zoo and I truly don't think there's one thing there that is missing they are continuously I didn't on and I was actually just looking at the website and they actually have overnight experiences that families can do now which I think is really awesome. We're GONNA go to the zoo experienced that. Day event, they have this new sky fiery, they call it and it's Ski Lifts in the end it goes over and so you can see the animals from above and. If you get tired or if you just want a different view, just hop on that it is extra. It's only six dollars round trip though so I think it's been on it's pretty awesome. So some other things in Omaha to do there are many museums just to would be the Jocelyn Art Museum the Durham Museum I. Know Museums aren't everybody's saying but just the architecture in those buildings absolutely gorgeous. Just sue a walk through or go have coffee nearby absolutely gorgeous at the Joslyn Art Museum and what was the second one? And both really affordable to get into the Durham's eleven dollars for admission and the Josh Art Museum my impression is is that it's it's a fine art museum rather than a modern, Art Museum yes. Yeah. Okay and then the Durham is more of like it goes through exhibits on immigration and who settled into Omaha and the construction of the transcontinental railroad, which is really important throughout Nebraska's history kind of more of those type of things.

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