Lebanon's entire government resigns amid anger over Beirut explosion


A week after a massive explosion to. All parts of the Lebanese city of Beirut. Apart, the entire government has resigned the massive blast was caused whenever two thousand tons of ammonium nitrate which had been stored unsafely at the port for six years exploded killing over two hundred people injuring more than six thousand and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless over the weekend residents of Beirut demonstrated against the government calling for the removal of the entire political class due to their negligence and corruption. Joining us once again from Beirut is Layla Milana Allen Leyla when we spoke to you yesterday, five politicians had resigned so far. Tell us about the announcement made last night by the prime minister. So what we saw yesterday and the evening before session, all government ministers resigning. We also saw several NPR's goes well, Megyn went from protesters. Here we go one by one this many left to go. and. Then there was the resignation of the finance minister as he wasn't he just before that meeting that was supposed to in the afternoon that cabinet meeting in which prime minister the APP had said that he was going to a table a motion. To try and have the elections is at the State Petunia. So. How's it wasn't said that he would suspend his his resignation until off the meeting they went in and they spent two thousand not room. Getting. Rumors from quite early on in fact, the entire government was going to resign because there were two ways that this could happen. Either has MD could resign himself or if more than a third of his ministers resigned, that would make his cabinet untenable already looking at five. So essentially, just two more and they were already two minutes to said before they went through, they would resign if the government didn't as Walter a couple of hours they came out and those announcement saying that he would speak in the evening. And when he did speak, he came forward and he said. That they had tried their best to be transparent tried to Rama transparent government. She's January failed to impose some of the reforms that Lebanon. So desperately needed but endemic corruption in the government had made it impossible to do so had caused this tragedy. Now, of course, many people don't feel that's the case they feel that the government was not run transparently at all. Or none of the reforms that has promised January. Would be done in six months word done within six months, and of course we now know. That both the president and the prime. minister. WED Two thousand, seven, hundred and fifty tons of money not great was in the Port as worse excessive government none of them do anything about it. So the government's gone but is going to be a change in the system will the same sectarian politics driving the unrest still exist? Not at the moment now, sectarian politics is really driving some rest. There are a few elements here. Firstly, the the problem with the government system is not that it's impossible to run because the country says sectarian, it's the it's impossible to have a government which allows the country to not be sectarian young people on the streets is saying that's not what they want. They want to country that will come together and work together where people are elected based on their merit not based on what sector they come from but because the political system is original on these lines where each sect gets a certain number of seats innocent area firstly, it's impossible to have that kind of government that is responsible for the entire country doesn't have. Interest in certain places, and secondly, it means only a certain kind of person can be elected because there is such entrenched nepotism in politics and you need the money and connections to be able to run and succeed. So right now, what's going to happen is that as we saw late last year when Prime Minister I've had resigned, the current government will stay on in a Catholic capacity. There's not much they can do in that capacity they will meet rally and they will only be able to put in bills or emergency bills to keep the country going, of course, Lebanon ready needed proper legislation to come in and change things before this explosion now, really function of government. To get things moving the country who built and help people that's not going to happen under a caretaker government but the system is so complex in terms of trying to elect a new prime minister different block in Palm. As I say, these different sectarian blocks have to agree on the candidates and then he has to find a cabinet that pleases all of this -Tarian blocks each of whom will want their own cows come in that. Again, what we're going to see in the coming weeks is this political game. All aimed at making the right formation balance of people in power rob. Then a government trudy is just focused on what is best for the Lebanese people purchase street saying this is the same old system. Nothing's going to change a new election won't help us. Cabinet won't help us. We need a complete overhaul of its system which has dragging us down and letting the country move forward.

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