Homophonix Artist Interviews: Rainbow Riots



We begin in Stockholm. It is true that Sweden produces an astonishing amount of legendary music small country. Third and world music exports after the US and the UK. No surprise that within the queer communities are Sweden there exists a bevy of talent. Rainbow Reports is a nonprofit organization using arts and coach as tools to advocate for human rights, LGBT Iq, plus people globally. Now. More than ever. Our focuses humane humans should be equality and acceptance for all. It is clear that social justice is not yet where it should be, which is why arts and coach organizations like Rainbow, riots exist if you're lucky enough to live in a country where there oiled ubt brides, a lot of times people get complacent and they think, oh, this is the norm. This is the standard while it ain't Jinnai they're like seventy plus countries in the world grades illegal with same sex relations and where people get killed where where. A death penalty sometimes. Free. Sometimes I think we have freedom, but the struggle still continues. The filed the torture still continues. The fight for freedom still continues. Let's put our hands together for freedom for freedom. Through Rainbow Riots Hitter Lemberg brings to light the ongoing injustices faced by LGBT plus family worldwide. With a background in music production visuals, events publication in community projects combined with an amazingly generous creative spirit. Is Well to use music and media to inform and educate. Rainbow riots invited artists from several countries to take part in a concert as part of the Stockholm pride two, thousand and seventeen. They also made their presence known within the pride parade from the back of a truck proudly blasting out there incredible musical achievements. I asked Peta which countries were represented. On the rainbow riots flow we had a representatives from Sweden what and we had Uganda Kenya. We had Malawi and we had Jamaica. One of the standout tracks from that for me was a song called freedom. See the crowd. Jumping into. Heard? Freedom. To it in such a way can you tell me up freedom came about when I started making freedom which I co? Bro With? Lesbian rapid called you'll be she's A. Legendary rap group in this in the states called. And when we wrote it, it was kind of like part of my old project housing Wallenberg and kind of thought. It was going to be part of that. But then as I started gravitating towards doing something with Queer activism around the world I, started turning my movement Rainbow Rides into a creative project and I thought well, freedom should be part of that. Really. So that's when I went down to Uganda and started working in Uganda 'cause I thought if I'm going to make this album with queer voices from the world's most dangerous places I've gotta go to the belly of the beast which is Uganda. So I thought okay. Well, I've got to go there ain't going to be nice in preschool ad. And before I went like my passport was running out, so yeah, they add to reissue a possible at the Swedish apple before my flight and they gave me a pink. And I thought. How appropriate with driving along well, exactly Scotland I'm going into Uganda practically waving rainbow flags. This is not going to end well because I was not sure what to expect the anything I'd seen and heard was that nobody nobody in Uganda who was queer was safe and everybody was you know hiding whenever you saw an interview with somebody they will always hiding behind a blood pixellated sort of thing and and not just come to know people going to want to be part of this project. Is it going to be really difficult? What am I going to expect? So therefore came prepared with a song that I'd already written which with freedom I thought at the best maybe I can get some people to dogs in the video at least will have something. But when I arrived, I found a thriving queer community with love creativity and that's how the project started. When I arrived in Uganda realized wow I could really make a whole out I could turn this into something much bigger or they're already artists to establish themselves within the community who were making music. N You lots of quiz singers and performers an artist, and I ended up right in the middle of it. So you know I arrived armed with one song and you know it turned into an album of freedom was starting song, and of course, a features my my old correcting partner you'll be of your majesty but also features a Ugandan singer cold deep lack on bicycle and also on the spoken word intro and the thing about freedom was the I always knew that it was really instant kind of be happy pride song and I just wanted to dot context to put it in. Something else. So it's not just the body, song? To. Put it into context of something really really important life and death and I kinda thought what what better way to to get the message out to make people ons. That was to make them listen.

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