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Hi guys tonight, burning questions did a-rod pays off Jaylo before the Super Bowl. Towel annoyed Lena that rod supposedly dating off. Could you marry into this family? Let's get started. Welcome to. We miss you guys. Hi, Nina High Hunter. Lo. Look. Very, stealth Meena for a second I was just. Doing the show today and then I realized bright you couldn't even see me right to him. Oh Yeah. Yeah. WanNa tone. Funny to to show that. SETINA. Tone that. John told. US All right. We all know A. Rod, a super supportive of Jay Lau, but his strategy to get Jennifer ready for her big super bowl performances. Kind of backfired. They were on Barstool sports the Corp and revealed Alex's mistake. We went to the gym that morning and I was driving her and she was talking to me I was ignoring her I was like I'm not getting the way of anything is your day. I'm focused. We'll talk Monday and she. Talked to me. Like. Zone I'm just like I'm trying not to get away. Okay annoying or sweet. Well, I think like in situations like this like this is how I feel like whenever I would get into an argument with like a boyfriend they would let me let you cool off I want you to go off and then I'll come back and I hate that I hate the cooling off period like a mad. That's when I want you to come and try to make it better. I don't want to come in and talk to don't go silent for a day like so she probably wanted him to be comforting and be they're supportive not to. Give her the silent treatment. That's the opposite of ones, right? Right. I know it's already it's already clear that you and I are perfect mattress for each other. But this proves that even more because I hate the silent treatment both ways given it and I hate getting in fact, if someone's mad at me, I literally need to solve the situation or at least absolve myself from guilt immediately, and then let's go about our day I hate the silent treatment. I hate it too. But to be fair to be for I, don't think he was trying to give her the silent treatment i. do understand what he was saying like look it was a very big day for her. She had a lot of things to. And he didn't really want to be in the way and wanted to give her her space to be in zone but I think what you know. Right exactly getting into that and then. They think that it's the same thing like he he attacks at how he would attack. Going to play for a big game but I, feel like you know she's a performer. So it's different, right? It's also he could have. Just, not been there at all. That's why becomes more distracting if somebody's trying to go out of their way to ignore you when that's not something that you guys talked about. So next next super. Woke me. Yeah. Next time this ask a woman what she needs and then got how that. You'll know. Tonight's other big story off. You're not gonNA believe Brad Pitt has been spotted with model i. don't even know how we have put this together but. Standby while butcher her name except I won't. It's Nicole. petrosky. But. You're. Spinning. It's Petrosky. Okra. Right. Thank you. She's twenty seven. And he's fifty six okay. Reports claims. She's his new girlfriend and they're saying at his sixty seven million dollar state in the south of France. Remember France. Love it. Do we like Brad with a model? Yeah I like the the thing that I find funny is he's been hanging out with Leila Lot and you know that those conversations Leo the whole time was like I'm telling you. Go for someone in her twenties. It's great like he's sold Brad on this because I don't feel like he would have done. It had Leo not Ben I'd not been doing claymation they're doing in his garage every single night. Also. He's never done this before rarely he's always dated actresses that have been sort of like within his like on the same level and who have been relatively close in age. So the fact that he he'd Busta Leo I lay. On disappointed in Brad. Brad is like more of a deeper actor like not very surface or materialistic like you know he's always been kind of associated with being a humanitarian. So I expected a little different move from him. You know what I mean I expected him to show up with the woman who might be a host of a late night show you know possibly a black woman. You know possibly you know someone on the show nightly. That's what I was hoping

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