I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) - burst 4

Fame is a Bitch


But rose so much misplaced anger I feel bad for I feel bad for all she's been through, but she's so caustic. It's just not helping anyone at least of all not helping herself. And you know Although from the auto, the way the tweets reposted. Elissa was the one that launched into this by responding to rose's political views, and then she made it a much more personal attack. I think we've all had enough of these to go at it. You know I do like rose McGowan for coming out again this time against Democrats that made me feel good. But. Elissa won the fight because she outlasted roles she really did. it was it was it was a tactical knock out. Because last night rose post on Instagram, how she's done helping people and how helping people as felt like death by a thousand cuts. You know she says she's walking away for a long time. She's

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