Navajo man executed in federal prison despite tribal opposition


This is National Native News Antonio. Gonzales. The Navajo nation is demanding respect by the federal government saying it will not be pushed aside after the government executed a Navajo man Wednesday in Indiana, in a statement, the Navajo nation expressed sadness to all families involved and called on the government for a meeting to address the death penalty matter thirty, eight year old Lesbian Mitchell the only native American on death row was executed by lethal injection for the killing of a Navajo grandmother and granddaughter in two thousand, one, the tribe stood against the death penalty and instead ask for life sentence leaders of the Navajo nation say it's a sovereignty issue and the death. Penalty goes against cultural beliefs which were ignored by the federal government attorneys for Mitchell. In a statement said, the Federal Government added another chapter to its long history of injustices against native American people, and despite pleas from Navajo leaders, other tribes, native organizations the trump administration executed Mitchell a navajo man for a crime against other Navajo people committed on Navajo land the US. Supreme Court. Denied a request and letters for clemency were sent to President Trump by the national congress of American Indians Thirteen tribes more than two hundred and thirty individuals. The Indianapolis Star reports a statement read the execution from the victim's family said, they waited nineteen years for justice and. Hope. This would bring some closure. There were reportedly no witnesses on. Mitchell's behalf at the execution, the expansion of a British Columbia coal mine upstream of prominent lake and river. North, West Montana will undergo review from the Canadian government. Aaron Bolton reports project is an expansion of tech resources fording the river operation about one hundred miles north of the Montana candidate border data from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Geological Survey show that BBC minds are leaching high levels of selenium into the elk river, which is a tributary to Lake Kuchen USA and the Kootenai. River. In Montana and Idaho because the project was deemed an expansion, the provincial government. was set to conduct the Environmental Review. But Canada's Minister of Environment and Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson issued a decision stating the project would undergo a more intensive federal review after receiving several requests to do so the confederated sailors and Kootenai tribes in Montana along with the Kootenai tribe of Idaho where the first to formally request at the project receiving environmental assessment from the Federal Canadian government confederated salish and Kootenai Department of Natural Resources Head Rich Johnson says Federal Review will apply more scrutiny to the project you know and and we just noticed that for many years the province of BC state of Montana and tech mining have separately and at times collectively. Promised to fix existing problems and for many years have failed to yield improvements to water quality in an emailed statement tech resources called Minister Wilkinson's decision unfortunate and said the provincial environmental review process is rigorous that decision comes as Montana is working to set a selenium standard by the end of the year in conjunction with British Columbia, although there's nothing preventing the provincial government from setting a more lenient. Standard or not setting one at all for national native, News. Erin. Bolton. Tribes in Texas and Louisiana are prepared for hurricane. Laura, the Kushtia tribe of Louisiana laid sandbags for high water and has prepared other emergency measures. The Tribes Casino closed Tuesday as surrounding communities are under evacuation orders. The Alabama shot tribe of Texas evacuated elders to Oklahoma ahead of the storm the category four hurricane hit Louisiana Thursday. I an Tony Allen.

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