Houston spared from Hurricane Laura

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In the end hurricane. Laura, was even stronger than expected and landed even a little further east that meant good fortune for Houston less of an impact for Beaumont and bad news for communities in western Louisiana from Lake Charles to Cameron parish were Laura Landfall after midnight at one hundred, fifty miles per hour this hour will do what we can. To assess Laura's impact on Texas communities to our south and east as it has occurred if it has occurred, will also try to get a sense of how we can help likely more devastated communities across the border into Louisiana I. Let's walk through what we know about what happened overnight, and where we stand this morning news eighty, eight, Seventy Robinson is here with the very latest good morning. Good morning, Craig. That's right following multiple days of officials calling on residents to take this storm seriously, Houston for the most part was spared by Hurricane Laura hit landfall like you said, overnight just before a. m. as a cat four near cat five hurricane or Cameron Louisiana as thirty miles southeast of orange. Texas Governor Greg Abbott Craig made an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America just a few moments ago and said that about five to ten thousand coastal area residents evacuated from the storm and so far. There are no reports of fatalities. Lives may have been sade as a result of those who fled from areas in port author, Beaumont in Orange Texas and really Craig. Most of East Texas was largely spared from severe impacts of Laura as Port Authors Mayor Thurman Bardy spoke to NPR's morning edition and said that there had been minimal damage and was thankful for how the City Fared as port author. If you recall was one of the first cities in Texas to order evacuations ahead of the storm, of course, there'd been concerns of how evacuations would potentially be complicated by the corona virus pandemic. The mayor said that he felt. Pretty good about the decision to issue mandatory leaves. Emergency managers have accu is practice social distancing many wore masks evacuation buses had wipes and disinfectant on hand and hotel rooms were used across the state instead of large shelters. Now, closer to Houston Galveston county officials are saying it's safe to return to the area except for Bolivar Peninsula state. Highway Eighty seven, one, twenty four are still being cleared of of debris by Tex-. I by tax dot but they're expected to be opened later today the agencies also assessing conditions to restart ferry service to the peninsula. Houston's transit authority. Metro. Says it will resume regular service later this morning with Hov Hov lanes continuing its normal operators operation hours. So in essence Craig, it's it's back to for the immediate greater Houston region as we prepare for another hot sunny day.

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