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This week's team comes to us from Kevin Dolan and it's called podcast. It's about Ireland here's why Kevin chose this theme he writes. A host of a podcast on Irish history I've been amazed with the interest around the world with our little island with that in mind I thought I'd share some of my favorite podcast episodes about the island of saints and scholars. Here are the episodes chosen by Kevin, for this week's theme along with short descriptions of each episode. The first one comes to us from the history of Ireland and the episode is called setting the scene. It's eleven minutes long. In this, the inaugural episode, the Party's players and movements bouncing around Ireland in the early nineteen hundreds are introduced. Next up the episode comes to us from the Irish. Passport podcast and is called who were the celts it's sixty nine minutes long. Celtic. Identity is politically powerful, but historically nebulous a subject of debate among historians and archaeologists while being a source of inspiration to some an irritation to others. In this episode Naomi and Tim Visit Celtic Music Festival in the Netherlands to explore why the concept has such. International. Appeal, Tim Explores the political use and abuse of the idea of the celts in debates about identity and nationalism in Scotland and Ireland. The. Next episode comes to us from Radio Lab and is called tweak the vote sixty six minutes long. In this episode democracy is on the ropes in the United States and abroad citizens of democracies are feeling increasingly alienated, disaffected and powerless. Some are even asking themselves a question that feels almost too dangerous to say out. Loud. Is Democracy fundamentally broken. Next up, the PODCAST is called mother folklore and the episode is called the Blue Blue Grass of Home Irish in Appalachia. It's forty minutes long. In this episode, Rebecca Welles a singer in Nashville tells the lads about her Appalachian Roots and the influence of Irish music on bluegrass and other musical traditions. The last episode of the week comes to us from the blind boy podcasts and is called the Goblin of strange uncertain times it sixty two minutes long. In this episode, a hot take on society's response to Corona virus through the Lens of Grief Psychology, a post Catholic view of Ireland's response. Those are the episodes chosen by Kevin for this week's theme podcasts about Ireland.

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