Trump Again Assails Mail-In Voting

MSNBC Morning Joe


So. We have a new phenomenon. It's called in it's called mail in voting. We you send your. Wall. Terms of of. The kind of millions and millions of ballots never. Because if the pandemic that bigger massively big. Send tens of millions of ballots to California all over the place to WHO's going to get them I have a friend lives in Westchester send applications that his son passed away beautiful wonderful son young man passed away seven years ago he called me said I just got I just got a ballot. Probably Robert Probably died seven years ago somebody got a ballot for a dog somebody gotta balance for something. You got millions of ballots going nobody even knows where they're going. You look at some of the corruption having to do with universal, mail in voting absentee voting is okay. You have to apply you have to go through a process you have to apply the mainly same good. And they're sending out applications. Delon means of ballots an. Applications you. No way you can go through a mail in vote without massive cheating. You know you could have a case where this election will be decided on the evening of November third absolute selection. Two months later, two months. What's wrong with the property mailing cow cited many months later you discussed by because lots of things will happen during that period of time especially when you have tight margins, lots of things can happen. Get the outward visible frustration of the president when you presented him with the facts about absentee voting, he's tried to make this distinction between absentee voting, which he has done himself mail in voting distinction without a difference most experts say, did you walk out of that room Jonathan with the feeling that if he loses the vote on election night or the couple of days after even once the mail in ballots are counted that he would accept the result. I think. You probably see a repetition of what we saw in two, thousand eighteen when in Florida, that's a race that I think people should go back and revisit the how you wanting to see what you think the president might do off the election. So there's a very plausible scenario in which the president is looking very strong on election night because he has convinced his supporters that voting by mail is unsafe he get a lodge in. Vote during pandemic. And some of these states, some of these key battleground states it takes awhile to count them. Pennsylvania's good example, and if you start seeing scenario in which in the days off the election, the in vote starts to come in and it stops to train more and more towards Joe Biden. By suspicion based on previous behavior is that president trump would call for a halt to voting and would try to litigate in in various states so that's where I think this is heading.

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