Back to School Prep- Global Crisis Edition (feat. Safiya OConnor

Gettin' Grown


Know Me Convict Music Nappy boy. A. Close at three, west the chances. Are you roller women me back grape shown. You're highly less get drunk the what we did A. Drink ooh we. Ask money in the. About. That ibn Great. Let we in. Deep as a vocalist, and I'm a fan forever and ever. He is a vocalist in real life. Okay? He sings his nuts off. And we stand actually t pain held it down for an era. I know. That was probably Kenai in our prime I. Know I was all in the club during the t pain days. And I miss it I I to. Can't help stands. What's up this? Praise the Lord negatives. I'm going to be. What am I doing? I'm here. I'm a little discombobulated I'm tired. You know I'm having one of them foggy days so unless I ended up. Just, not being able to fit even film today out just all out of sorts, but. It's fine. We shall overcome, however you. Same I mean I've been. In a war today with my uterus. Literally fighting for my life and I just was grateful. You're not like every six months. Oh, and this is probably a whole lot of information but I. don't know like every six months assessed, so it's like my body. My especially, my female anatomy likes to remind me that she's in charge like we kinda escape through and things just what they are right, but every now and then she just like okay, you had thought. I've been writhing with pain. All of them a house. Just you know in the fetal position, but I'm grateful for for. IBUPROFEN and other. Forms of. Anti, inflammatory medication. Grateful for heating pads in this season and I'm grateful that I'm able to be home. You know what I'm saying I could just curled up in bed with my laptop and peck away in my little to do list you know in between. Bouts of pain and and. I got through the day as best. I could and I'm just happy. That I'm able to get into my big. Good spirit and just great might be that I. Have you know literally being eating? I would profile like skittles that might have something to do with it, but I mean other than that girl. Everything is coming on Jesus really truly. I'm very excited. Very excited to be back again here. The kitchen where we are where we are talking about the ghettos of adulting the good, the bad, the ugly detested trials, the twist attorneys Tim -tations and the taxes of being. In the Year of our Lord Twenty. And Twenty. That's it. That's ready to get into the trash. Let's go ahead and get into this trash. So Meghan the stallion. is is back in the news. Yes, it is time for the trash buster. And so Megan the trashes back in the new. She made her first. Make Oh my God. I'm so sorry. That's not what I was doing. We're we're having an interesting evening as the full moon without being a fool moon. But Megan the stallion made her first appearance in the news since the shooting where she got shot in the feet last last week by Tory lanes, she? She did an instagram live where she you know. Let everybody know that she was okay. She did have to have surgery to have. The bullets removed you thank God! It didn't hit any bones in hit any tendons or anything like that So you know it wasn't more harmful. It could have been thank. God but she says she is traumatized. And she spoke on the where she spoke last week about her energy, she spoke on losing both of her parents, her mother, being one of her very best friends, and not having her at this time, and just trying to fill her space with people and with love, and where she thinks right. It really really sad, but You know. She says she's going to be much more careful about who she keeps in her in her in her in her universe so. You know we sent all of our love to make because we have nothing but love for her. Apparently, the hot pocket Queen had some. Thoughts to share last week. She thought she was being funny. She was that I. She was stopped sharing her I do where makes her feel like we need to know her thoughts. Trying to figure out why she thinks this his safe-space. Even I mean aside from that. I just feel like grow every time you share your thoughts. Something like this happens. So at what point do you just shut up and leave us alone? But yeah was running her mouth I'd heard that. She sends lost her savage FINCI. Endorsement does she lives? As, a result of her inappropriate and inflammatory comments, making light of make this science tra trauma. Chow and listen you know girl. Hopefully, this will be an impetus for her to get somewhere and sit down. And be quiet. Just make Li- was for her child. My boy, wearing nerds in a bowling milk understand. I, mean and that's not I mean I. Get it! You know what I'm saying like I've I've got in trouble for saying some things. I ain't pulls the same, but you know you just have to learn. You have to learn how at some point you just have learned that even after even after you apologize and you mean it us still responsible for what you say. That's really it, so she lost the endorsement. Want want so sorry. hope you learned your lesson Jura all of our love to make. what else happened, so there is a basketball player by the name of Lou Williams. So Lou Williams plays for the clippers, the La Clippers and you know. Basketball was getting ready to start. He's ready getting ready to go in and all of that. I don't know if it was camp or training out. He was getting ready to go into something. But his grandfather I believe passed away and he had to go down to Atlanta in the. NBA released him to go down. So, he goes down to Atlanta for the funeral, and my man said I'm hungry, so I'm going to slide to the magic city and pick up some chicken wings. That's what he said. Now. How he got caught was eight. The age old instagram stories where one of his big mouth friends posted a picture of him the two of them at magic city or whatever. So they, he tried to lie and say Oh. It was oh picture hours just posting good times with Lou. This is good old picture. But what gave it away was lose mask because Liu had on a mask that is specifically provided by the NBA to the players that he had on in the magic city. So key and I are frequent tres. scavengers for Strip club chicken wings if you will. They I'm just saying that the secret wings. Clubs are usually very good. Chicken Wings as actually answer. Absolutely you know, and Atlanta is also just the Mecca of the chicken wing of like the hot wing right? If Atlanta can't do anything else, they can do a hot wing or a lemon pepper, lemon pepper wet. ooh, that sounds delicious right now, but. It's never de de. Were you gotta sly by the Magic City negatives. All kinds of post made seamless candle. I mean in the Rona like Ami. Blue Logistics and think this through all the way glasses.

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