‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Workplace Is Under Investigation By Warner Media


Reports of a toxic work, culture and crew furious over poor communication during the Corona virus shut down. Despite the bad reports, there have not been any direct allegations made about Ellen herself. For more on all the bad news that the Ellen Show will speak to Matt Donnelly Sr. Film writer at Variety, so essentially human resources representative for both the production company that makes Ellen just called Tele Pictures and Morning brother. It's which obviously, areas the program or distributes it have both come together and sort of pursuit of information about sort of the day to day experience for Ellen's employees, a member, we have changed the sort of reference the stories said that their goal is to ultimately create a work environment where ever wanted sort of protected. And also can sort of advance and flourish and safety, So I think it's you know, a pretty responsible move on their part, But at this point, what we know is that they're reaching out to current and former employees to discuss their experiences, where presumably will conduct as sort of a larger report about what if anything, needs to change their Now, let's talk about these two reports just to kind of see what we're working with here. Back in April, Variety reported on the treatment of crew members during the Corona virus locked down so very loosely when things initially shut down, there was crew members who were saying that we weren't really being told what was going to be the fate of our ours or our pay. And then when Ellen's resumed some sort of filming at her home, they were kind of left out of the lurch on that, too. And I guess they hired Nonunion workers to do that work instead of them. Yeah, A lot of the sources we spoke with who are familiar with the production basically say that her long term crew people have been with her sums of the entire 17 year run of the show. Just expected a better level of treatment in terms of if and when they would come back, You know, up until the moment we published a report that Legacy crew was told to sort of expect dramatically reduced compensation, even though the show of going on filming at the normal rate, so I think a lot of people thought sort of betrayed in away by mixed messages, especially for someone who's banner. Heather staying for her jealous to be kind, and some say this is very difficult situations, obviously, in the confusion and chaos of the Corona virus pandemic that hidden in some ways, it makes sense. Maybe hire those non union workers because they have to do something, maybe things that the union might not have agreed for their workers, depending on safety, and all that, So sometimes those things make sense. But they were just saying that They weren't even afforded that choice or whatnot. Of course. Yeah, I think it was a lack of transparency that really got people. And yes, you know, Krone viruses cause such a dramatic ripple effect how we do or more specifically how we don't do production at the moment. So, yeah, the union might have to look the other way occasionally on getting some people back to work instead of, you know, sort of a massive sun town. But again, I think it was that sort of lack of care. That really got to some long term employees. Yeah, and the pay was also an issue. I know. They told them you're gonna get reduced hours or reduced Pay that way. But shortly after you guys posted your story, then it started coming out. Well, well, they're going to get paid their full amount. They're full pay all that stuff. I think that the production sort of realised, But the right thing to do was especially because if you follow the logic through if they were taking the same amount of episodes, that means that this is going into syndicated viewership and selling the same amount of advertising No one's really losing money on the end. It's just obviously out of an abundance of caution here to figure out how to actually make the show. But you know again, and I think Hollywood is a town that when your staff looks the way that l Inez and you've got no. Ah, working family or some people put it in the over 17 years, they expect you to cover them The way they've covered. You end up with a large part of the frustration and you know another thing. That was in that same report was that you know, no one had even stepped in and said, How are you? How are your family? How is your mental house? Which I think a lot of companies, you know, including the publisher Variety. Ah, lot of people didn't do that. You know that They were here for you. If you knew Greece sources that child care if you need meditation class you any number of things to sort of band together in a really unprecedented in highly stressful time. A lot of people thought that that wasn't done and we're quite surprised. The other part of this. In mid July, Buzzfeed published a report alleging a toxic work culture there. There was an employee who said that there was some racist behavior going around and a few other things that just really made working there on the show, not really tolerable. The budget reports have sort of a spectrum of accused behavior that is troubling from to start a sort of ID on that atmosphere of intimidation and fear. You know, there was some accounts of verbal abuse their accounts of sort of, you know, an idea that overall senior leadership it Alan felt, but no, it was a privilege to work there. And anyone who might complain about sort of the emotional atmosphere. Even working conditions could just move on because they couldn't find anyone else who had died of work, Carella It's a much more serious stuff like sensitive people of color on the head from jokes about two African American females being taken for each other because they have the same hairstyle to another employee being sort of shouted down an angry and resentful because she suggested that the entire staff received diversity and inclusion training. You know all this is supported by historians. That's quite serious, especially, I would say in the world we live in, which is a post me to world and if you even look at what's been happening in this country in the past two months There is it's incredibly justifiable demand for a lack of this toxicity and for transparent, clear on how we're all treating each other at work. Not one thing that I found interesting is that there is no specific

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