Trump: Melania vs Nancy - BOL Making Podcasts Great Again


At stuff, okay, because the Marlins Bailey a baseball team. They're sort of a disgrace I think that where we're going with baseball is we're GONNA, have to fight through it. We're GONNA have to you know once again. Freedom isn't free. And You know if. If. Some players after gets sick for our freedoms. I think it's OK. Still big freedom fiend tonight. If everything is for freedom, so anything can happen as. It I. Think I'm saying that because before I got on the podcast, Big Gay Mike. Pence was dancing to George Michael's freedom like yet it on repeat okay and I think it got stuck in my head. Mr President Baseball is back right now I. Don't know how long it's going to be back four and that of course brings us to our sponsor this week. Which is Ben Online dot ag bet online dot AJ. They have they are are a ride or die. sponsor. They are and sports, her back and basketball's comeback. We have baseball back. Hockey's coming back so it's your chance to bet on all these sports with your exclusive wagering partner Ben, Online, Dot AG majorly. League, Baseball's here and everything is going to be in full swing soon, so there's no shortage of ways to get in on the Action Ben. Online has all the. The odds futures and props feed a ban on and as sports returns bet online had some extras. Then align sat down with Eddie George from the NFL Robert Horry. Seven time MBA champ and Harold Reynolds from Major League Baseball to get their opinions on what it'd be like playing without fans. They're no fans in any of these games and they're calling this thing. Now. Check that out. You can hear these players give you know their two cents on how they feel about everything that's going on so the Fan Democ and visit Ben Online Dot H. G. Today to check out all the odds and up-to-date sports news. Don't forget to sign up and take advantage of all the welcome back to sports bonuses also, there is table games poker. BLACKJACK? Bent Online Day. AG has everything so. Ben Online your online wagering parts. Mr. President as we continue to talk about sports. You canceled You're throwing out the pitch at Yankee Stadium. You cancelled that day. Can you tell us why exactly you cancelled it? was canceled because we scheduled some very strong meetings on Covid for that day and obviously. That is more important than

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