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Blessed to be joined by a very good friend of mine said Sane Machi-. He's an Islamic lecturer he's been studying in. Beirut for some years now. Just an all-round quite and. Inspiring and Kind of God centric Guy I think. So. We've been wanting to do content together and we wanted him through some something with the Muslim viable years now but he's always out studying, and then when he comes, he's kind of like lecturing for a few days and then he's back out. But we were able to find some time. and. We. So. Obviously, you hear the conversation that we have but why I really wanted to get him on is that I think there's like a very unique way in which he talks about God and religion. And it's quite an empowering thing. So like even I remember when we were having the conversation I was thinking back to some lecture gave last year I think when he was in London and I had the same kind of thing where it's also simple and it's all just anchored around God I'm so I so I called them up and I said you know, let's let's your podcast and I want you to kind of talk about some of these things and some things you mentioned your lecture series and whatever else and we had like twenty minutes half we mapped out what we're going to discuss. Item we go into go into record. A couple of days AIDS like over a week weeknights and then he's like I was like, oh, she would just recap what we discussed. It acknowledged freestyler. So he kind of just thought at the conversation and and just saw when I loved it to be honest I'm. Always enjoy his company and conversations with him. And that's that's it really If you did actually, if you do enjoy this podcast there is potential opportunity for us to. Record more with a sane so Why as in like message email will ever ask postal social media tiger us. Last No, and let me know and I will be sure to me because in London for a while very short time I'm going to try and. Getting back in if there is a a decent response from people, so please do. Everything without further ado. Here's my conversation with Hossein. Monkey. Saddam Hussein. Thank you very much for for coming on the podcast I I. Think It's worth people nine the background that you me. Quite a few favours now because a few few years ago I was out in in. Lebanon. Yes, and we would you to meet. It's about three years ago and but three to two or three three years ago and you you flopped I mean I had a car accident. This is the second. Comes on an important. Was that and then you've come to London Tovia from London reason you've come to the under every an we've had like brief moments of being able to meet up and chat and whatever but we haven't sat down like this. longtime common. Yeah. It's quite exciting to be honest So. What, begin wherever you want my i. I think social talk about is in the we've allowed to catch up. But let's specify those part that to one side right. So I think for me when when you said Yes to podcast I thought it'd be interesting to talk about quite a few things. So recent you've been talking about you did an election series into what the Prophets yes and stories from the Koran what was was really interesting and and the stuff that she would we wanna do, oh, we're going to be doing more of, but the year before that you were in London and you delivered ten lectures and it was all kind of shaped around the love of God. Yes. And what was quite striking for me personally was that there was something in because I know you personally as well and I I've known you for for a long time before you were studying and everything else, and maybe we'll do another a whole podcast on on the whole journey has been about nine years almost nine ten years. It's been a long time but but there's there's there was something there is something in the way that you when you talk about God and when you're talking about all of these notions of loving God and really embracing. The spirit of Islam and everything else that this is a a really deeper kind of passion. And belief and almost serenity as well in the way that you kind of talks I wanted to I think if we start with that like. What Okay we approach allies a concept and a as a as a topic as you know our. Creator Moss and everything else What is allow mean to you? That's a big I'm sorry for. Jumping from the great question. So I think. Yes. I do use love as the launchpad to talk about a loss upon down and talk to a law SUPERNOVA. But I think that when a human beings especially in young is. When they think of God or the concept of God even in when it comes to parents for example, because when we're young, we don't fully understand the concept of God, but we see in

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