Houston ISD opens Digital Learning Centers for students in need of technology


It a digital learning center in H I S T is opening dozens of them for students who can't afford the technology for virtual learning. Some parents call it a ridiculous waste of money that Channel two's Britney Jeffers found at least one parent who likes the idea thought that came came across across my my mind mind also also is is well. well. This This is is kind kind of of like like going going to to school, school, but but it's it's really really such such a a small small situation situation for for people people that that really, really, really really need need it, it, according according to to the the district. district. Once Once the the student student gets gets the the equipment equipment from their school, they'll no longer be able to attend the Digital Learning Center. Merry G. Says her first grader will be learning remotely, but she sees this digital center as a great resource. Not everybody has a laptop for their first grader, their second grader, so number one than being able to provide that, but also having them a place to go. But it's safe where they're going to be able to access all the things that they need. I think it's a really great option, Some parents say. If you Congar toe a digital learning center, you can go to class. The

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