British fishing industry at risk due to Brexit and Covid 'double whammy'


It's said to be a difficult autumn for the UK Trying to deal with the pandemic and reviving the economy is the Brexit deadline looms. Michelle Bonnie and David's Frost continue talks over a trade deal next week. But the blame game risks drowning out any space for agreement. Well, joining us he's Bloomberg Brexit editor Edward Evans, Ed Way feels like we've been here before. Many, many times. If I talk about the 11th hour that both sides are accusing each other of intransigence, belligerence, all kinds of things hopes of the deal. Are they just really fading into the distance now? I would separate the fears from the actual underlying state. The negotiation as they say right would certainly being here before, but there is a very real sense of pessimism among the negotiators, and that's really Down to the simple back. The time is running out. They need to get a deal agreed by about mid October. If they're to implement it. By the end of the transition period on December 35, there's being remarkably little, frankly, no progress. From the major bones of contention to build a really big dick points here are over the level playing field. This is the British demand that it be free to be able to subsidize industries that it wishes to after Brexit something that you Jews threatens the integrity of the single market on this is a very, very fundamental Disagreement on fishing where you want to continue the status quo. Where under the single official policy looking boat out fish in British waters now wouldn't want government is that I want to take back control over its waters after leaving and that means I have no negotiation special negotiations of several years. It's fishing is to some extent solvable. You can see Barney put forward place, often the use position on that side of the big obstacle, and it really is a fundamental difference. Disagreement. Is over state if they're going to break that one side or other has given that really looked to be biased on British put out in the next few days, weeks their proposals with British regime after breaks it on now, that might be the moment. Relation or it might be the moment where you going? Proposal is unacceptable to Europe, and that's the moment where these talks break down, so it's very, very evenly balanced right now. Interesting. I do feel like tearing my hair out Those certainly when it comes to the fishery side of things, I mean the state aid point I can understand because it's the Europeans say that it is fundamental to the structure of Europe. But fishing. I do not understand why fishing rights have caused this amount of trouble. There are currently ous faras I can make out from government figures. 12,000 fishermen active in the UK almost 2.5 1000 of those are part time fish, API fishermen, fishermen and women, Fisher people if you will. I just don't get why this issue. I understand where a maritime nation and our coasts and regions are important. But why has this become a sticking point on, for example, services and financial services of it basically ignored Two things. I think it's totemic to both sides. Don't forget fishing was a big issue but join the single market birthplace on some in the industry argue that they were thrown under the bus, essentially so that London financial Services could get access to the European single market Equally for the French and the Dutch. You know, this is some of the best fishing waters in Europe that they want to can't go on catching And there are very riel on economic hardships in prospect if they can not go on doing that. So there's a political domestic political imperative on French, in particular to press this issue on on the British as well, because this is an industry that has shrunk of those part time fisherman 30. Lot of that is to do with the closures on how they've been allocated. He sold them, But this is what I have seen enormous trick it over over the time. And this was an industry that very strongly backed Brexit so you can see why it is it is very small, economically politically assumes much greater importance. But that said Do not underestimate the possibility here off a deal because you know it is But you could see Bonnie has accepted said that you initial demands on this wor maximalist eye. They were going to far on dearest escape here to come to the wedding but are not talking about excluding Frank fishermen or U boats from British waters but allowing them access of bi annual negotiations or multiyear negotiations. So you can see how a compromise could be reached. That just what they got to get that

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