New York to fine riders $50 for not wearing masks in trains and buses


Is about the fine people $50 that they're called not wearing a a mask mask mask on on on buses, buses, buses, trains trains trains and and and subway subway subway empty empty empty a a a chairman chairman chairman and and and CEO CEO CEO Pat Pat Pat Voices. Voices. Voices. This This This falls falls falls in in in line line line with with with Governor Governor Governor Cuomo's Cuomo's Cuomo's executive executive executive order order order requiring requiring requiring masks masks masks on on on all all all mass mass mass transit. transit. transit. Saying they'll file an emergency rule on Monday with New York's secretary of state to enforce the $50 fine. Health experts agree that wearing a mask is the best thing that Alaskan due to limit the spread of Kobe 19 subways, buses l I, double R and Metro North. All report 90% of riders do wear masks, Governor Cuomo. We want to make sure that people feel comfortable coming back to public transportation. James

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