BTM170: Your Money Mindset Matters


You know they say that repetition is the master of all skill and repetition is something that I've been learning to embody as of late in my personal life and then my business I know that I can't often reach the goals that I set the first time around that I need to step up to the play over and over again in fail and learn from those mistakes and reiterate right It's a part of the growing process and. It's something that maybe in the past you may be able to relate to this as well but it's something that. When I tried something once and it didn't work. I moved onto the next thing because I really didn't have a whole lot of time the waste. I thought that the result came at the end of the hard work thought it was automatic and if it wasn't automatic I, went to whatever the next thing was that was automatic but I realized through time that nothing never became automatic. It was more going back and repeating the same processes, but with a with new insight. So, when I started. Investing in real estate, it was very hard to conceptualize. Repeating the same process every single month. Pulling, a list of homeowners finding a way to market to these homeowners and continually not getting people to respond or continually not getting any bills under contract or continually getting deals under contract that willing make it to the closing table. See I thought things were broken I thought I needed to change everything. What I didn't think that I needed to do was repeat the process on just tweak things as I went along. And understand that repetition is the mother of all skill. Many of you guys know that I have recently pursued thinking Roerich how if you don't know about that challenge, you're totally missing some super valuable content. And I failed it this challenge. But ultimately, I realized that this challenge is not just thirty challenges to lifelong towns and when get back on that horse and I'm going to do it over and over again until I do succeed. and. I think that's what separates. The winners from the losers over the past few years I've been on maybe thirty to fifty shows and it's been a amazing experience and often times I don't talk about those shows nor do I re post those shows an episode. because. You guys know my story. You guys have probably already heard it a few times. And I want To be redundant to replay a lot of those episodes. But every once in a while, I get a podcast host Utah Post a text from a little bit of a different angle and really gives me new content to talk about. When I get that type of content I love the play for you guys because again it's something that we really haven't explored or something that we need to explore more of. And most recently episode one state of this podcast titled Utilizing the Polian Hills grow rich success principles. I was interviewed on my good friend Logan freemen's podcast. Mindset and money and what it takes actually achieve our goals again, not the general story of. How I got into real estate and and what we've been up to for the past few years like, yes. Sure. That's cool and again we do a lot of those podcasts episodes. But what we're able to explore on this episode guys, it's it's actually amazing. So if you haven't checked out that episode, check it out. But again, repetition is the mother of all skill. And I know that when I read Books Multiple Times every single time I read a book. The same book right. The greats like Rich Dad, poor dad and four hour work and the ten role. Every single time I read one of

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