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The crazy music. Right. What was the last? Real Gadget you got on I mean. Video gear gadgets all time, right? Yeah. Yeah. Screens and all that sort of thing with. Year with the gadget. I've talked the most about on this show and their out past couple of years. We all know that one but you know what's what's one of a recent gadget that you were actually really impressed with the mini pro? Yea. They video switcher is made. You talked about that last week. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's pretty cool stuff. All right. So I have something you're going to like. You're probably GONNA think it's not really useful for you, but you know because you don't like. Take your laptop and go work at starbucks all that often. But for the rest of us, this is the mobile pixels trio, a portable dual screen laptop monitor it. Connects to the back of your laptop, one screen comes out the left and the other screen comes out the right. So not a dual but a triple. Yeah. It's called a trio but it itself has two screens but to you can have three screens on a laptop. That's awesome. It's USB plug and play. I carry that ACIS USB monitor with me with my laptop all the time. Right and I used to carry two of them but it just made people angry. Yeah. He's he take up a Lotta Room when you got three screens raptor on you sure no. Yeah. Yeah. Your your basic you know Speakers Lounge at deb intersection. Where space is limited in that wouldn't fly. That's like the equivalent of Man's spreading. Exactly, your monitor spreading. Excuse me are you stretch out Monitors. You guys get away from me. Well, these days with Cova I. Guess it makes. That close to you. Anyway I just it just occurred to me. This would be great response to the COVID crisis this like Garrett? A meter on either side at least we should be too but you know at least it's a start anyway. Yeah that's. A Good Start and Thing is the price for one screen to fifty nine for two screens. Five hundred bucks. Awesome. I gotta get one. Yeah. It's very cool. You get one. Definitely I'M GONNA have to pass it with. Get it passed she who must be obeyed though may also measure carefully make sure it will fit on your laptop to size matters right? Good. Good. Good Point. Yeah. All right. Well, WHO's talking to US Richard? What we've I know we've talked to Glenn a bunch of times before but never talking about graph and he's over on the graph team now. So I actually grabbed comment of a show twelve, seventy, seven K, which is a showy did about Microsoft graph with Jeremy Fake. Who I don't thinks the graft anymore, but he's probably still Microsoft, and this is from a of two thousand sixteen. So it's old, it's four hundred something shows ago. But I think it's very relevant to this is comment comes from Charles? Who is actually talking about? How Office to sixty five headed down a path? He's come yourself don't force your uses to write javascript and it's all don't blame on Microsoft. That's the office team that is wrestling with how to do this that you know you've Zama and so you should be able to run dot net on everything and that would be easier scripting language to add into office rather than javascript. At a way to get away from VBA because let's face it as been in office for really long Tosh your has. So. The also talked about a couple of complaints he has office three, sixty, five ads. The first is that they don't support user defined functions. Which is one of the challenges he has with Excel if they if you add user five inches in javascript. Happier that would be made and he's concerned about that too because it's like I'm concerned about the performance of this. And of course, that was one of the things he was good at it he could refer to viva code inside of Excel. And model only sports adding functionality document through the AD in which means if you want to distribute a more complex piece of logic to your clients at college, you have to get all the ad in and good luck trying to do that right much less to maintain it. It's just a really tough. Distribution, model compared to having it all self contained knee goes on to say. It's frustrating to me this Microsoft's not really developing office for its user, but rather for departments, it's like, Hey, dude, I, departments guys who buy it right in huge quantities and sad to see. Microsoft. Not Really Developing Office for its uses but rather Friday departments which. Might be a little extreme but I D- departments by a lot of copies of office and they're the ones who have midst management at scale problem. So I see if it's true and I don't know that it is it kind of makes sense. Abuse it barely had new features in office two, thousand seven not even talking about. For example, almost every single report he's prepared in powerpoint and is not but is based on data and analysis prepared excel. Updating. powerpoint from Excel is challenge a copy pasting method of tables and charts stable and slow. Again this is the whole point of having a sweet right that presentations are done over there. They would main thing is the integration should be good Being able solve the integrates genie's absolutely be a massive improvement and I really don't need another way to do a pivotal. Excel as everything. Anyway. You know it brings up this whole conversation. Hopefully, we'll talk to glen about this as well. The program ability of office and how it's been focused because it we never had a good dot net solution for programming office the we tried a couple times. Any fun. and obviously you know office team is very focused on Google Docs, which is very javascript center, one way or the other unite us dogs together all the time like char ability to write scripts for ads and things we're simultaneously or both typing I. Always Marvel at that. It's pretty awesome. It's kind of amazing and just running from web browser, which is astonishing. So now I know why office you've focused on that it's a remarkable ability that being said with my it hat on it's like. I don't think I'd enterprise I could recommend Google docs a you just don't have the same level of control. And controls important right. You have legal obligations around stuff when you get to a larger companies in that stuff really matters yet anyway. Charles. I. Think he kicked off an interesting conversation for us with Glenn and I appreciate your comment even if it was four years ago in a copy of Kobe's on its way, you'd like a copy musical by ride comment on. The website at dot net rocks, dot com, or on the facebooks because we publish every show there, and if comment there and every in the show, we'll send you a copy music Khobar and definitely follow us on twitter I'm at Carl. Franklin he's at rich Campbell send us a tweet, and if you can tell me, what dd means will send you another coffee mug. I can tell you what it means. For Office integration in a million billion years ago chorus. That's why that's why it's funny and it's The applications. Programme Ability Department of Microsoft was established around things like DVD and then lay how lay we'll talk about that. But for sure let's let's bring him on here. Officially Glenn Block is a season two leader with twenty plus years experience in software engineering and product management. He currently works at Microsoft again. On the core ecosystem team where his team is responsible for Microsoft graph and several services and m three, sixty five.

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